Loud pipes save lives, the phrase is debatable. Nevertheless, loud pipes add up to the performance, style, and sound of the motorcycle. An aftermarket exhaust is what you need for Ninja 300. A good exhaust can make your bike more powerful and faster.

In terms of performance, aftermarket exhausts help your engine breathe better and may also add up to your bike’s power. Your motorcycle’s engine will anyways make noise. A good aftermarket exhaust modifies that noise into a good sound.

 Depending on your exhaust, you can get different effects and notes. As for the style, it is pretty self-explanatory. You can get your motorcycle a high mount or low mount exhaust, an exhaust with a matt or shiny finishing, or any exhaust which suits your style.

Ninja 300 also know as EX300 is a 296 cc Kawasaki sport-bike and in this article, we will talk about the best full exhausts for Ninja 300.


Delkevic is the world’s leading retailer and manufacturer of motorcycle exhausts.  With branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan, the company has a devoted sales team for customer support on all motorcycle exhaust queries.

Their products are designed to fit directly onto the motorcycle without the need for modifications. Delkevic motorcycle exhausts are handcrafted from the finest quality products to boost both the performance and beauty of your motorcycle.

Mini 8″ Carbon Fiber Round Muffler for Ninja 300

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This mini 8” Delkevic muffler coming with a 1-year warranty is constructed of a pre-formed composite carbon fiber sleeve and high-quality 304stainless steel.  They have a large slash cut gateway that is highly polished on both, the inside and the outside.

The removable baffle modifies the pitch, but this muffler sounds violent even without the baffle. This exhaust system includes the muffler with a removable baffle, mounting strap, and a link pipe. The muffler weighs 1.25kg or 2.756 pounds.

The exhaust system is manufactured in Delkevic’s factory using the most strict quality management measures to ensure consistent customer loyalty driven by their satisfaction. It is one of the loudest Ninja 300 exhausts. 


Another one of the loudest Ninja 300 exhausts that we recommend you is manufactured by Musarri. Mussari produces an innovative line-up of products using new technologies and promises to offer customers high-quality end products. It was founded in 1975.

Musarri GP Street Series Slip-on Exhaust

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This Mussari Slip-on exhaust comes with a 2-year warranty and weighs 1.35kg. This latest GP exhaust features true GP styling, is made entirely of stainless steel with TIG welding, and is coated in an all-black coating for a stylish sleek look.

This exhaust also has a low-volume insert that can be removed. Mussari slip-on exhaust system includes Mounting hardware, street baffle, MotoGP Style Exert Insert, and most importantly GP series slip-on exhaust.

The installation of the exhaust is very simple; you can easily fit it onto your Ninja without professional help. This exhaust comes fully assembled and ready to mount. It attaches to the original header system using the original muffler mounting points.

Leo Vince

Leo Vince is an Italian company founded in 1954. Leo Vince manufactures a broad variety of products from exhaust systems to custom motorbikes. In production, they use sophisticated materials like carbon fiber and titanium.

At Leo Vince, to keep proper quality, the organization conducts all manufacturing processes for exhaust systems and carbon components internally.

Leo Vince GP Corsa Slip-On Exhaust

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The Leo Vince GP Corsa Slip-On exhaust was designed specifically for the 250cc to 500cc motorcycle market, and it strikes an ideal balance between appearance, efficiency, and price.

When the exhaust is installed, riders will lose a significant amount of weight. Its end cap, internals, and connecting pipes are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

To ensure reliability and longevity, heat-resistant fiberglass packing is used. Its circular design boosts both sound and exhaust gas flow for your Ninja 300, resulting in an even bigger smile on your face. The installation of the muffler is also really simple.


Yoshimura was also founded in 1954 and it is a Japanese company. Yoshimura is well-known for its R&D expertise. However, making the best exhaust systems in the world entails more than a strong R&D department.

 Yoshimura is the leading producer of exhaust systems since their dedication to research and development is balanced by their commitment to uncompromising quality materials and experience.

Yoshimura R-77 Stainless Slip-On Exhaust

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Since it was built in the heat of competition, the famous R-77 provides exceptional efficiency. It has a trapezoidal shape, which allows for a large amount of packing material and results, top efficiency.

The front cap of the R-77 muffler is MIG-welded, while the end cap is gripped with high-quality 304-L coated stainless steel rivets and bands. This exhaust system is made in the USA and weighs around 6 pounds

The Yoshimura exhaust system that we are recommending to you was developed keeping the racer in mind. It is engineered using light-weight materials, which makes your Ninja 300 significantly powerful and the trapezoidal shape makes sure to give the loud sound you want.

The muffler, when coupled with the stainless steel headers and mid-pipes, can help your engine generate more power while still minimizing weight. The result is a complete exhaust system that will allow your motorcycle to work to its full potential.

So we are ending on the note that Delkevic, Mussari, Leo Vince, and Yoshimura make the best full exhaust for Ninja 300. All the details, raw materials used and key features of the best Ninja 300 exhaust systems are mentioned along.

A muffler does not create noise but modifies the sound of your bike into something better. As mentioned before, mufflers also majorly play a role in increasing or decreasing the power your motorcycle cruises with, hence affecting the overall performance of your motorcycle.


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