Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls? Which is better? What is the difference?

A motorcycle ride is fun and exciting if you understand how the mid and forward controls work! If you are new to riding and eager to learn about mid and forward controls in a motorcycle.

To make it easy for you, I have gathered all the critical information you should know to enjoy your ride with the confidence and peace of mind of knowing everything about your motorcycle and to save yourself from getting into any trouble beforehand.

Hope this article helps you look out for all the major differences, similarities and benefits of mid controls and forward controls in a motorcycle.

Let’s look further into the differences between Mid Controls vs Forward Controls.

What is Mid Control?

Mid Control is the term that refers to a place where the biker places his feet to operate the bike normally. GS, KTM adventure, KLR, Strom are a few to name; these bikes have a mind-control application. Some other examples that fall in this category are FJRs, ZX14s, STs, etc.

Usually, sports bikes and cruisers have forward controls. So, let’s see what forward control is?

What is Forward Control?

A forward control is a new set of levers that bikers can use with the original set of pedals to move the motorcycle forward. The forward control in a motorcycle positively impacts a rider’s posture as it gives a sense of freedom that other vehicle types certainly lack.

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls: A Complete Look!

As discussed earlier, the location of a mid-control and forward control is where the biker places its feet or floorboards, shifter, and brake. If we look at a cruiser or chopper motorcycle, you can most commonly see them there. However, in motorcycles like Harley, there is a need to install them. So let’s better understand the mid and forward controls below. Scroll down.

Greater Comfort

Mid-control options are one of the best ways to customize the performance and handling of your motorcycle vehicle. The mid-control options come within the original equipment set or they can be mixed and matched according to the specific vehicle’s accessories.

In a forward control, it allows bikers to enjoy a more comfortable recline during long rides. The forward position will enable riders to move forward during stop and start traffic, for improved visibility, quickly touching their feet on the ground, turning at slower speeds, and also keeping an upright posture.

While one last benefit when riding on a Harley is riders can stretch their legs more freely as their knees are not restricted to bent as much.

Aesthetic Improvements

Many motorcycle enthusiasts have impeccable experience using Mid Controls or Forward Controls on a motorcycle.

It is aesthetically pleasing to explore a more comfortable, relaxed, and faster appearance with these controls portraying an old-school styling feature that many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy.

Easy Installation

Mid Controls or Forward Controls are easy to install. They maximize your bike’s value so upgrade your motorcycle with mid or forward controls yourself.

Generally, motorcycle owners rely on professional vehicle mechanics to install motorcycle accessories, but, with an incredibly easy installation of mid/forward controls, many riders prefer to handle it independently. It will save them from paying additional installation costs.

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls: Which is Better?

If we look up the benefits of having Mid Controls Vs Forward Controls on our motorcycle, we first look for the reasons how Mid vs Forward Controls add value to your bike.

In a new mind-control position, a rider experiences a tremendous advancement in its race-style and biker foot position. These advanced controls allow you to lean forward while keeping your eyes on the road.

Adding Forward Controls will make your long road trips more comfortable. So forward controls are an excellent idea for your bike to enjoy more with your destiny.

Both high-quality Mid Controls and Forward Controls offer smooth and effortless running. It only depends on which type of bike you are riding on!


1. What is the difference between forward controls and mid controls on a motorcycle?

Mid controls are where you place your feet to operate your motorcycle normally. In contrast, forward controls can be used as extensions that are replaced to move critical controls forward on the bike.

2.   What is mid control?

Mid controls are moving footpegs and controls that help lean forward better for aggressive riding.

3.  What are forward controls?

Forward controls allow for stretching legs while reaching the controls in a more relaxed posture for a rider.

4.  What are the mid controls on a Harley Davidson?

Moving footpegs located from forward to mid location.


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