Technological advancements in transportation have revolutionized traveling for humans. From the invention of two wheels to rockets, transportation has been upgraded to new standards.

However, no matter the advancement, the two-wheel motorcycle is one of the most commonly used vehicles around the world…

And there is no doubt why it is so accredited around the world. This convenient vehicle was first invented in 1885 by two German inventors – Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

They attached a combustion engine to power a manual bicycle and they succeeded in inventing this masterpiece!

Anyways, the question is:

Can We Use Motorcycles As a Primary Mode of Transportation?

Yes, we can. Being handy, less demanding, cost-friendly, and easy to ride, a motorcycle can be one’s favorite mode of transportation for everyday use.

Benefits of Using A motorcycle As A Primary Mode Of Transportation

Motorcycles Occupy Less Space

Motorcycles occupy less space when on the road and so it benefits the highly populated areas where traffic is an unignorable problem.

With two wheels we can travel across towns and cities occupying the minimum space of the road. Parking becomes no issue for bikers as bikes can be managed anywhere in the parking lots.

With its far less diameter(in comparison to cars), a motorcycle can find its place easily within your garage.

Motorcycles Hone One’s Reflex Actions

As per riders’ experiences, a motorcycle ride sharpens the reflexes as compared to a car drive.

Motorcycle riders become proficient in making the right decisions on the road at the right time.

That is because the bike expects its rider to be extra attentive and aware of its surroundings.

Motorcycles Help In Mood Elevation

Motorcycle riding is also said to be beneficial for mental health as it helps you to experience the feeling of “one” with your bike.

This helps in the regulation of your mood and assists in clearing up your mind from an event that has been bothering you.

There are special hormones released when we are in a state of relaxation or a mood of happiness; research shows that bike riding aids in the release of such hormones.

These hormones include dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, serotonin, and adrenaline which release happy thoughts and feelings in your mind.

Is Motorcycle Travel Beneficial For Your Physical Health?

Yes, it is. Apart from the mental health benefits, motorcycle riding also helps the rider to strengthen core and thigh muscles.

Motorcycle Riding Helps Develop Muscles Stronger

According to reports, riders have strong quad muscles and have a reduced risk of knee joint pains. Moreover, the effort a rider makes to maintain balance on the bike affects the building of stronger abdominal and back muscles.

Similarly, riding a motorcycle also helps in developing and conditioning the muscles plus joints from the neck to the lower body as you have to control the motion of the ride with your legs.

Motorcycle Riding Helps Lose Fat

Biking also helps you lose extra fat by consuming some of your calories. The terrain on which we ride has certainly a major impact on our movement on the vehicle. In short, bikes can not only make your travel smoother but also help you get fitter.

Motorcycles Keeps You Close To Nature

Bike rides keep you close to nature as you smell, feel and sense fresh air around your body which we can’t experience in cars with air conditioners. This leads to a better connection of the rider with its environment.

Why Choose a Motorcycle Over a Car?

Motorcycles are actually less toxic to our environment. With rising problems of global warming and climatic change, motorcycle engines ensure minimum consumption of fuel and less emission of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide(unlike in cars and other four-wheelers).

Motorcycles Consume Less Fuel

Moreover, this two-wheeler can strongly cushion your finances as you can use less heavy engines which have far fewer fuel requirements.

Motorbikes have consequently replaced heavy engines on roads due to fuel crisis as people prefer to take inexpensive means.

During Covid times, the petroleum industry has faced unavoidable circumstances, which has then led to price boosts in many countries around the globe.

Motorcycles Can Be Easily Resold

Motorcycles also retain their value better than cars and are easier to resell later because of their high demand in different corners of the world.

Many transportation businesses thrive better by renting out bikes instead of four-wheelers and it shows the value motorcycles bring to the table.

Motorcycles Carry Low Taxes or Bills

Motorcycles attract far less tax and insurance bills than any other vehicle which makes this mode of transportation cost-effective.

The cost of motorcycle maintenance is also much lower than that of cars as the size and the placement of the engine are way easier to work on which leads to fewer mechanical problems within the bike machinery compared to cars.

Motorcycles Give Numerous Customization Options

Motorcycles provide their users more room for customization as bikers can design their helmets, jackets and express their personalities through their bikes.

In addition to this, motorcyclists have their communities as they are tightly-knit, and they go for ventures with friends.

This gives the benefit of forming better social terms and it also helps in building better communities.

As a motorcycle rider, you can experience much more of life as compared to cars so say yes to bikes for a cheerful life.

Can You Live with Just a Motorcycle?

It can be tough to restrict ourselves with just the use of motorcycles as climatic factors like rain, a strong wind can hamper our smooth rides. However, we can make our way living with just a bike.

Though cars do bring space and privacy for our families, people with less number of family members love bikes.

You can also have cars or other vehicles for occasional events or long-distance travelling but motorcycles can be your primary mode of transportation as it is easy to use.

Let’s say you want to get yourself a smoothie from a nearby restaurant, you would prefer a bike over a car. Why? Because it is easy to take out and park as compared to a four-wheeler.

Thus, a two-wheel vehicle, the motorcycle is the best primary mode of transportation because of its various benefits mentioned above!


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