Can you think of any other thing that is more practical and convenient than backpacks to carry your luggage on a bike?

One of the easiest ways to carry your stuff and other necessities while you are riding is to throw your backpack on.

Whether you are going to a university or having a fun ride with friends, carrying a backpack on the go is effortless.

But the confusion is; what type of backpack should you buy, a motorcycle backpack or a regular one?

This article will help you make the right and safer choice. Continue to read as we dig deeper into the details and differences between each type of backpack.

Regular Backpacks

Regular backpacks are those that are normally used and are a cheaper option. Students who commute to school mostly carry these backpacks along with them.

They are easily available at almost every other store. Having large pockets and compartments, these backpacks provide room for keeping laptops, storing clothes and gear, etc.

Because of extended storage, you can also use these backpacks for trips. If you are a daily rider, then these backpacks are not suitable for you.

It is advised to carry riding backpacks that add protection and are more comfortable.

Not to forget these usual backs are not water resistant and they may not offer weatherproofing.

So the riders who often ride in rainy conditions might need to look for backpacks that are specifically designed for riding.

-Easily available and cheaper
-More style options to choose from
-Best for students and running everyday errands
-Extended storage and compartments for larger things
-Compromise riders’ safety
-Less comfortable
-Do not offer weatherproofing and ventilation

Motorcycle Backpacks

These backpacks are specifically tailored for riders who commute daily. These are more expensive than regular ones but worth the cash.

Motorcycle backpacks hold the following key features:


Along with fantastic aerodynamic design, motorcycle backpacks offer protection to the rider. They come with padding at the back of the bag to help prevent injury during an accident.

Comfort And Fit:

These backpacks feel comfortable with your back as they have tight straps to support your waist and hidden zippers. They make your shoulders feel less stressed.

Motorcycle backpacks also prevent any air drag, even if you are cruising at top speed and never let your enjoyable experience down.

Storage Space:

Riding backpacks contain a good amount of storage for electronics, gear, and smaller things. They have adjustable compartments and sections.

What makes them more practical are their pockets to store or access your phone and keys easily during the ride. One such example of these backpacks is Kriega R20.


Motorcycle backpacks are constructed with durable and long-lasting materials such as nylon Cordura fabric. They don’t get easily damaged from a road crash and last longer than regular backpacks.

These materials are water-resistant, weatherproof, and protect your stuff from rain or tropical climates.

-Provide protection and safety to the riders
-More comfortable than regular ones
-Aerodynamic design
-Enough storage spaces
-Made with water-resistant materials
-More expensive
-Not easily found at every store.

Which One is More Preferable: Regular Backpack or Motorcycle Backpack

A clear winner is motorcycle backpack designed particularly for motorcyclists. It is more useful for riders because:

  • They are constructed with practicality rather than style, whereas regular backpacks focus more on styles and design.
  • Material backpacks increase riders’ safety. Regular backpacks are of no use if your concern is safety.
  • Riding backpacks helps maintain your balance during riding because of the straps.
  • They are good for all weather use while regular ones don’t offer such features.

Overall, motorcycle backpacks are the best value for money.

Can you wear a normal backpack on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can wear a normal backpack while riding. But keep in mind that it will not offer features as much as a motorcycle backpack.

Are motorcycle backpacks worth it?

Yes, motorcycle backpacks are worth the money. They offer rider safety, comfort as well as weatherproofing.

What is the point of a motorcycle backpack?

The basic purpose of a motorcycle backpack is to add protection and make the ride more comfortable for the riders.

What should I look for in a motorcycle backpack?

While buying a motorcycle backpack, make sure that it offers all the key components, such as padding, adjustable straps, and storage spaces.


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