Motorcyclists are pretty picky when it comes to choosing their helmets. Matching the color schemes of bikes with jackets and helmets is common among riders nowadays.

Painting a helmet is expensive, and some paints can corrode your helmet’s material. So an easy to do and cheaper alternative to it is wrapping.

Wrapping a helmet protects it from UV lights and any damage from a crash. The wraps are incredibly customizable no matter what you want to add to your helmet.

Along with protection, they also express your sense of style and personality.

Whether it’s the name of your favorite brand, race numbers, detailed images, or a team logo, make sure to get it done on a quality wrap.

We have covered all you need to know about the cost of motorcycle helmet wraps.

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What Does a Motorcycle Helmet Wrap cost?

Wrapping a helmet can cost $300 for basic decals. It can be as expensive as $2500 and above if you want detailed images or full coverage.

The cost of wrapping can also vary depending on the quality of wrap, the type, and where you get it done.

Is Wrapping a Motorcycle Helmet Cheaper than Custom Paint Job?

Yes, the simple helmet paint job starts around $600, whereas basic motorcycle wrap costs around $300. Excellent quality paints are much more expensive than vinyl wraps.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vinyl Wraps For Motorcycle Helmets?

There are several materials available in different quality, colors and finishes. But the most common material for wrapping a helmet is vinyl.

It offers the following benefits:

  • High quality: They did not lose quality over time, like painted decals or stripes.
  • Removeable: Vinyl decals can be easily removed whenever you want without damaging your helmet.
  • Long-lasting: They have strong adhesiveness and are durable.
  • Prevent Corrosion: They did not corrode your helmet’s material like most solvents in some paints do.
  • Protection: Vinyl wraps protect your helmets from scratches and hot temperatures.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Motorcycle Helmet Wraps?

It would help if you kept in mind different variables that affect the cost of a motorcycle helmet wrap. We have listed a few of them:

  • Grade of the wrapping material
  • Full wrap or partial wrap
  • Place where you get it done from
  • quality of the wrap
  • Simple design or full coverage design

Can You Wrap a Helmet Yourself?

A lot of people love to do wrapping jobs for their helmets. Doing it yourself also saves a lot of money.

You can pull it off with faith and patience. Carefully select your tools, set a workstation, and take time at every step.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Remove all removable components
  • Clean the helmet surface with rubbing alcohol.
  • Make a rough cut of the vinyl into the needed shapes.
  • Apply knifeless tape; it is optional.
  • Heat the vinyl
  • Stretch and apply
  • Press out bubbles and creases.
  • Secure the edges, then trim the edges.
  • Heat Seal
  • Reattach Hardware


Can a motorcycle helmet be wrapped?

Yes, you can wrap a motorcycle helmet using vinyl wraps. They enhance your helmet appearance and add to your style.

You will not get unnoticed on the road if you get your helmets wrapped with cool designs.

Can your vinyl wrap a motorcycle helmet?

If your helmet design is blank or straightforward, you can wrap it yourself or do it by a wrapping specialist.

Is it safe to vinyl wrap a helmet?

It is entirely safe to vinyl wrap a helmet. The beauty of vinyl wrap is that it can be redesigned and removed if you don’t want to stay with the same look.

The vinyl wrap also offers protection to your helmet.


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