The throttle in a bike is synonymous with the gas pedal. It mainly acts as a valve that controls the amount of fuel and air going into the carburetor through the accelerator, regulating the power of the engine.

The main reason for the bike to die with the throttle is due to the imbalance in the stoichiometric ratio of air and fuel. Problems with choke can also cause the fuel to run rich or lean and cause the bike to die during throttle.

Why Does My Motorcycle Stall When I Give Gas?

If your engine continues to stall when you give gas it may be a warning sign of a bad engine. Stalling can also occur because of bad quality of fuel i.e., fuel containing a higher quantity of ethanol.

Stalling can also occur due to dirty air filters, clogged gas caps, air leaks in intake manifold or gasket, dirty spark plugs, dirty fuel filter, or vapor lock which is caused when the fuel in the vapors line converts from liquid to vapors which normally occurs at high temperatures.

Why Does My Motorcycle Die When I Give It Throttle?

This can be due to fault in the fuel supply of the bike which can occur at the level of the tank, pilot, or main jet, or due to the fault in the carburetor itself.

Fault In the Tank

It can cause prolonged stalling, or the bike may die on giving throttle if there is any obstruction in the passage of fuel.

It occurs if there is too much grease or dirt in the tank and also sometimes the gas house may get squeezed.

Fault In the Jets

There are two jets that cause the entry of the fuel into the carburetor, the pilot jet, and the main jet also known as a nozzle.

A pilot jet is a relatively small jet used for the entry of fuel in the carburetor during idling and the main jet or the nozzle causes the entry of fuel in the engine during throttle.

Only 20% of the total fuel supplied to the engine goes through the pilot jet while the nozzle jet is responsible for the major supply of 80% of fuel to the engine.

Thus, if there is a little clog in the pilot jet, it may provide enough fuel for the engine to idle but the bike may die during throttling. Similarly, any clog in the nozzle will hinder the supply of fuel and cause the bike to die during throttle.

Fault In Other Parts Carburetor

Any dirt or grease or improper functioning of any other part of the carburetor can result in improper combustion and cause the bike to die on throttle.

This includes sticking of floats to the carburetor, clogs in the acceleration tube, faults in the choke, which cause rich fuel supply to the engine, and loosening of fuel and airscrews.

These cause alterations in the stoichiometric ratio of fuel and air, which can cause the bike to die during throttle.

Why Does My Motorcycle Die at Idle?

This occurs due to an interrupted or diminished supply of fuel. The most common cause of prolonged stalling of bikes is when the engine is warm.

Dying of the bike at idle may also occur due to any damage or misalignment of the clutch which will result in decreased fuel output.

The fuel-air ratio can be disturbed by many factors. Some of these factors include vaporization of fuel in the vapor line at high temperature and the complete blockage of the pilot jet. These factors can cause the motorcycle to die at idle.


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