Motorcycle suits are in various sizes and shapes but the only common thing is the hump. This feature serves several purposes including:

  • Protection
  • Aerodynamic
  • Hydration
  • Storage

Let’s talk about these features in detail below:


The purpose of motorcycle suits is mainly protection and hump is the most important feature of motorcycle jackets as it protects the riders even if a bike crashes. The hump also protects some parts of your body, such as your head and chest.


Nowadays, motorcycle racing has become very popular. The riders are getting more daring and the bikes are becoming faster. So, the need for a hump on a motorcycle jacket is becoming necessary.

The hump is very effective at creating downforce. The motorcycle suit hump is designed to create turbulence behind the rider. It helps to push the bike down on the track.

As the hump makes the rider go fast, it’s a bit dangerous too. If the rider loses control because of speeding up the bike, the hump can cause them to flip.


The motorcycle suit hump is perfect to store hydration fluids, such as water or sports drinks.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially in hot weather. You should take advantage of your motorcycle suit hump by storing a lot of drinks there.

To make it more convenient there’s a straw to drink so that you do not have to take off your helmet.

Additional Storage

Motorcycle jackets have humps for the additional storage space. Especially when you’re going on a long road trip. Many jackets come with pockets that can be used to put keys or wallets. However, these jackets don’t have enough space for larger items.

The hump can be used to store larger items such as a backpack or a raincoat. Especially, if you don’t want to carry a backpack, a hump jacket is a great option for you!


What is a speed hump motorcycle jacket?

The hump is an element devised for the improvement of the aerodynamic profile that the rider presents when on the motorcycle. It saves riders during a high-side crash.

Why do MotoGP suits have a hump?

The hump is one of the most outstanding features of any motorcycle racing suit. It improves airflow and has been used to cool ducts and electronics.

It is for the aerodynamic purposes of providing a smooth airflow.

Why is the hump on the motorcycle jackets?

It will always help to create less turbulence and you’ll gain some stability that your neck muscles will always appreciate but it doesn’t impede safety.


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