The sight of a motorcycle roaring in the streets is hypnotizing. If the rider isn’t as stylish as the bike, it becomes a sour sight.

Whether you have a Harley or a Moto Guzzi, you can’t just wear casual clothes while riding those bikes.

A Motorcycle rider should wear unique and sexy clothes. The perfect clothing item for riding a motorcycle is a motorcycle jacket.

Leather Motorcycle jackets exude power and authority.

But finding motorcycle jackets that fit you is a difficult task.

That is why we have prepared this guide for you.

Here are all the details you need to know to get a tailored motorcycle jacket.

5 Things to Consider for A Tailored MotorcycleJacket

1.     Fit

The fit of the motorcycle jacket is very important.

You need to decide if you want a tight-fitting jacket or a baggy one. We would recommend a tight-fit jacket that is neither loose nor skin fitting. 

Whatever fit you choose, it should be flattering for your body type.

2.     Color

Most riders choose a black motorcycle jacket. Some might go for a brown one.

The color of the jacket should complement the color of the bike.

3.     Type of Material

Leather is one of the common materials used for motorcycle jackets. But if you live in cold weather, baggy woolen jackets are good to go.

Motorcycle riding is a tough sport. You sweat while riding as well.

That is why you should choose a moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking clothe will save the sweat from sticking to your skin.. 

4.     Style

Now, this is where your preference plays a huge part.

You want a retro-style jacket, go for it. The early 2000 jean jackets will work as well.

Just remember that the jacket should save you from the impact of the wind. That is the main function of the jacket.

The style of the jacket is secondary to functionality.

5.     The Tailor

Finding a tailor or a store that will alter the jacket for you is a time-consuming task. But we will help you out.

Choose a tailor who knows how to manufacture or alter leather motorcycle jackets. Not every tailor can work on a leather jacket. You need an experienced tailor.

Check reviews of online stores and tailors that alter jackets.

You can also ask your friends who might know a tailor.

Can a Motorcycle Jacket Be Tailored?

Yes. You can get a motorcycles jacket tailored. But give extra focus on the fit and the fabric. You can choose an expert tailor for making the motorcycle jacket.

How Much Is It to Alter a Leather Jacket?

The cost of altering a leather jacket depends on the size and fit. If you contact a skilled and experienced tailor for the alterations, it will cost you a hefty amount.

Most stores and tailors will charge you 50 dollars to 300 dollars for the alterations.

The cost will be higher if you want some special alteration

Can You Do Alterations on a Leather Jacket?

Yes. You can do alterations on a leather jacket. It is difficult to alter a leather jacket but not impossible.

Are Motorcycle Jackets Supposed To Be Tight?

The motorcycle jacket is supposed to be snug. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable for you. A loose jacket isn’t ideal for motorcycle riding.


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