While riding, riders are the happiest people as their adrenaline rushes through their body.

They love the feel of the wind blowing their hair and the rush of leaving everything behind.

But to enjoy the ride on the motorcycle, one must be protectively equipped for the ride.

Riding Gear

A great deal of thought should be put into the riding gear.  A rider must consider the fact that as long as he/she is living they will be able to ride the bike. For that purpose, they must choose their riding gear with utmost care and should choose only the best of quality for their safety.

What To Wear?

It is very much necessary that every rider must see to its safety first before enjoying the ride.  Riders must have the following things on when going for their ride:

  • Helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Arm Pads
  • Pants
  • Knee Pads
  • Boots

All of the above-mentioned things must be put on before every ride. These will protect you from the incoming onslaught and will keep you from getting badly injured.

Now the real question of the topic at hand is whether Knee Pads should be worn over or under the jeans.

Motorcycle Jeans

Rouser jeans are used when riding the motorcycle.  They give an extra-wide opening on the leg that slides over the riding boots.   They are able to protect from abrasion.  They are stitched with long inseams that can help to sit in a crouched position.

Denim Jeans

Jeans, as in denim jeans, should not be worn while riding a motorcycle. They are not at all protective gear.  They shall tear and cause great damage if the rider falls off the bike.  For riding, leather pants with protective padding underneath the pants must be worn.

But if you are not riding for pleasure, but to travel to work then, it is suggested that you wear knee pads over or under your jeans. But what are knee pads?

Knee Pads

Knee pads are protective gear for the knees.  They are made of a closed-cell of foam that is cut into shape to mould over the knee.  The foam is then enclosed inside a cloth that is placed inside a plastic knee cap.  To hold the knee pads in place, they are attached to webbing straps.

Knee Pads Under the Jeans

Knee pads under the jeans can be really helpful as they will save the knee from being damaged in an accident.  But to wear them underneath the jeans can be very uncomfortable.  A person going into work will find it very difficult to wear the pads underneath the jeans and to take them off when they reach work. 

Knee Pads Over the Jeans

Knee pads over the jeans also provide the same amount of protection as the pads being worn under them. The pads worn over the jeans are comfortable and can be taken off when reaching work.  They are easily strapped over the knee and it holds their place when even going for a long ride.

Knee Pads Over the Jeans: Yes or No?

It will definitely be a yes.  Many of the riders have experienced both ways of putting on the knee pads, but they have concluded that it should be worn over the jeans.

It is super easy to wear and it can be easily taken off.  It also looks super cool. It gives a complete look when riding the motorcycle.


Can You Wear Knee Pads Over Jeans?

Some people find it more convenient to wear knee pads over jeans.  It is easy to wear and easy to remove after a ride.

Are Knee Pads Necessary for Motorcycles?

Every rider must have and wear knee pads when they are riding their motorcycle.  It is present to protect their legs and knees. 

If the rider experiences an accident, knees or the legs are the first to be affected.  So, without knee pads, the knees or legs can be badly injured.

Where Should the Motorcycle Knee Pads Sit?

It should cup the knee in a comfortable position when riding the bike.  When the rider gets off the bike, the pads may slide down a little and will rest a little below the knee cap.

How Do You Attach Knee Pads to Pants?

When wearing the knee pads, they must be safely secured over the knee of the rider. The pants worn on the motorcycle are provided with an opening over the knee where the knee pads can be inserted and secured with velcro.  It then adjusts as the rider wears the pants. 

To wear the knee pads over the pants, it can be secured with the help of webbing straps that go around and underneath the knee cap thus, holding the knee pad in place.


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