Do you smell gas on your oil dipstick? This issue is very common with gas engines. But, you must have the right information on how serious the issue is and what should be done.

This article will go through why your engine oil smells like gas and how you can find a solution to it. If you are driving for short distances, this problem can be recorded, however, if it continues to happen, you must be concerned.

Common Reasons why oil smells like gas

The most common reason your oil smells like gas is that you are just driving short distances and not allowing your engine to become hot once in a while. It can likewise be caused by a rich air-fuel mixture which defective fuel injectors or misfires can cause.

Another explanation is that you haven’t changed your engine oil for some time. If you are not following the scheduled oil changes, it can cause oil to smell like gas after a while.

Now you have some information about what might happen, but let’s look into it in more detail. Here is a detailed list of why your engine oil smells like gas.

What are the causes behind the smell?

●       Rich Air-fuel mixture

The major cause of why your gas is getting into the engine oil is that your fuel mixture is excessively rich.

If your fuel mixture is too rich, the burning chamber will not ignite all of the fuel, and this will make the fuel run through the piston rings down into the oil pan.

●       You drive for short distances

Gas is always running down into your oil pan on most motors. When your oil temperature gets high, the gas will emerge as a fume from the engine oil.

If you drive for short distances, the engine oil won’t reach a sufficiently high temperature to vaporize the gas, and you will fill up your oil pan with gas for some time. If this occurs then replace your engine oil and filter.


A Misfire happens when the air-fuel mixture is not getting ignited. Since the air-fuel mixture isn’t getting ignited, the gas can wash your cylinder dividers, which will make the compression to be lowered. This causes a pour down and fills your oil pan with fuel.

●       A faulty fuel injector

Fuel-injected vehicles have little injection devices that give the engine the fuel it needs. These injectors are worked by a solenoid, further controlled by a computer that lets a perfectly measured proportion of fuel inside the cylinders.

If the solenoid gets stuck in the open position, fuel will track down its way inside because the substance blends in with the oil.


Is it bad if my oil smells like gas?

There are a couple of reasons behind why gas might have made it into your oil and a couple of reasons for why it’s bad. If there’s enough gas in your oil for you to smell it while changing or checking your oil, it’s reached the point where it could be viewed as a serious issue.

What does it mean when you have gas in your oil?

Gas getting into oil becomes a reason to worry when the volume of gas surpasses 2.5 percent. If a lot of gas gets into the engine oil; change the oil immediately after fixing the issue that has allowed this to occur.


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