What do you know about a motorcycle poser? Different people have different perspectives and therefore they define a motorcycle poser differently. If you’re a beginner, you may be unaware of it. And that’s fine!

You must be curious to know if you’re a poser too. And you’ll know it only once you have a clear overview of the traits a motorcycle poser possesses.

It’s not that hard to figure it out. Just give this article a read and you’re all ready to get your answer. So, let’s get started!

The personality of a motorcycle poser

Well, you’re not a natural motorcycle poser unless you’ve bought a bike and you’re just showing it off without having efficient riding skills.

It’s okay to pretend all cool about having a bike but if you don’t have the desired skills to ride it, what’s the use?

Matching your style with your skills is quite attractive but that’s not the only thing you should do. A person should have the right skills and talent as well.

Hence, over-styling is another predictor of a motorcycle poser.

Difference between a real biker and a motorcycle poser

The difference is quite easy to make. A person buying a bike for the sake of enjoyment, fulfillment of a dream, earning purposes, or trying to maintain a financial status, is someone you can consider a real biker. There are many names you can give them and among all ‘Road Warriors’ is one.

On the contrary, a motorcycle poser is someone who buys a bike without any purpose. They just like to show off and look cool, but in reality, they never ride it. What’s the use of owning a bike when you’re never going to enjoy the freedom?

But again, the perspectives may vary. You might call such a person caring and more devoted to keeping the bike safe and clean. You can never guess!


What is a motorcycle poser?

A motorcycle poser is a person who takes more interest in parking the bike in the garage rather than investing time in riding it.

It is someone who looks all styled and dressed up but never pays much attention to the riding skills.

How can you tell a fake biker?

Usually, Harley Davidson bikers are tagged as motorcycle posers but that’s not a pointer for a real or fake biker. The following points may help:

  • Spends less time on the maintenance of the bike
  • Doesn’t look well enough
  • Overdressed
  • Hardly rides a bike
What do you call a motorcycle enthusiast?

Motorcycle enthusiasts are those who ride bikes to their fill. They don’t care about the weather or the circumstances. However, they get concerned when it comes to their motorcycle.

You can call them by different names. To be more appropriate, they are bikers and ‘Road Warriors.’

What can I call myself a biker?

You can call yourself anything you want. Either biker, rider, or motorcyclist, it depends on how you see yourself.

Through a self-analysis of your riding skills, you can give yourself the perfect name that will best suit your personality.


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