Which bike is best for 5.4 height?

5′4″ is close to the standard height which makes it just about okay for you to ride any bike.

If you ask old cycling enthusiasts with this height about their favorite bikes, names like the 250 cc Yezdi or 350 cc Bullet from the seventies would surely pop up on the list.

However, we will focus on newer models and try to give you a quick but complete overview of the options for a 5’4” biker!

Can a 5 foot 4 person ride a motorcycle?

In the world of motorcycles, there is no such thing as the perfect height for a rider.

If you’re a shorter person looking to ride a motorcycle, a few adjustments to the seat height can go a long way.

Plus, there are a million other things that go into making your motorcycle the ultimate fit for you.

Simple things like the weight and width of the bike, the position of the pegs/boards, and the angle at which you sit can tell how easily you touch the floor.

With enough experience and strength, you can figure out the adjustments on your own too!

A cruiser motorcycle is a good option for shorter riders- but is on the heavier side, so you need a lower seat to stabilize yourself.

When your legs are wide apart and your hips are rotated more in the forward direction, you can rest and ride easy.

Some bikers say that any bike can be ridden by anybody, but that’s only true if you are in touch with the ground!

If you are further from the ground, it is more likely that you would drop the bike at a standstill, and it would be harder to operate it in multiple directions.

But don’t worry, with experience, just having tip-toe contact with the floor can get you going!

Comfort is also a factor to keep in mind. The height of the seat determines not just how far away you are from the ground, but how close your feet are to your torso when riding.

On a bike with an adjustable seat, a 5’4” person would want the seat all the way down to maximize their contact with the ground.

The position is also important to consider.

The delicate Honda RVF400 is great for short people as it allows you to sit comfortably and ride with ease.

In metal options, the Honda 1000cc MotoGP bike (the RC213V) is good, especially if you’re looking for bikes the size of 600cc sports bikes.

How do you know you are uncomfortable on a bike?

  • If you experience any of the following features on a bike, it’s probably not the right fit for you:
  • Unable to sit with your feet flat on the ground-this means the height is too much
  • Standing on the tip of your toes in a resting position
  • You cannot reach the controls of the bike
  • You stretch excessively in order to reach the hand controls and pedals
  • And finally, you cannot sit comfortably in the seat

Which bike is best for 5.4 height?

Once you are confident enough to balance your bike, you can venture for these options:

  • FZ v2
  • Apache
  • Pulsar AS200

These have similar seat heights, but AS200 is taller compared to the others.

In terms of performance, if you choose a 150cc, 180cc and 200cc bike, then the Pulsar AS200 comes with improved torque and power because of its oil cooled engine.

It’s a splendid companion for city and highway rides, with special designs avoiding windblasts on highways, making the ride much more comfortable.

If what you’re looking for is a more reliable engine for more use in the city, then fz v2 is a great option.

It offers smooth power delivery and comes equipped with a fuel injection in the engine, making the overall ride very easy.

Apache only has one objective advantage over the others, which is the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

Working as a crash prevention measure, it prevents wheel locking and increases stability. 

Ideally, the option should come installed on every motorcycle, but if ABS is an absolute must for you, then go for Apache.

Just keep in mind that you can expect vibrations at higher speeds, up to 80 km/hr, but with newer models, this problem arises less frequently.

Bigger bikes-yes or no?

The thing shorter riders have to accept is that even though there are some bikes like the Harley Davidson Superlow that are intended specifically for them, bigger bikes are intended for taller riders, to give them more room to spread out.

Bikes such as Triumph Tiger 800 is a relatively light model with a well-centered mass, smooth engine, and room for two!

For a ride up the mountain, one of the best options standing out-even beating some from the 1200cc range is the Tiger 800.

Bottom line- what should you keep in mind?

Do your research and catch a real feel of the bike. Keep your practice consistent and your balance right and your bike will run up that hill in no time!