Have you ever thought you couldn’t ride a bike just because you were 5 feet tall? Throw that thought right out the window!

Really, seriously, you can totally ride a bike at 5 feet tall, and you can even go off the road!

The best bikes for people 5 feet tall:

  • The TW200 Yamaha. With a seat height of 31 inches and a single-cylinder engine, these bikes are sleek and lightweight, perfect as the ultimate street legal dual sport! Slight con: you cannot take them on the expressway.
  • The SV 650. Bikes with V twin engines are built narrower to accommodate the two cylinders being aligned with the wheels. You can easily straddle these bikes with a narrower stance.
  • Dirt bikes like Honda XR75. A great bike for beginners, especially those who stand at 5 feet tall or even below!

Of course, the essentials remain. You can get light enough bike, and if you can’t stand flat-footed over it, it’s safe enough to ride.

Dual sport bikes fit this description and are fast, but unfortunately, they cannot be ridden on the expressway.

However, it is safer to ride them in the city, as you’d be more visible to the car-goers with your special gear and tall position on the bike.

Another advantage of taller bikes is that they allow the rider to see more easily over the traffic and be prepared for any jumpstart or turns that they might have to take.

Ground clearance is especially high in such models so you can even skip a curb if needed.

Both women and men of this height can ride these bikes, and it may be unbelievable, but the most successful motorcycle racers are short as well!

It’s actually an enormous advantage to be shorter in the small and big road racing classes.

What kind of bike is best?

Cruiser-style bikes are usually preferred over the others as they have lower seats for their size when compared with sport bikes.

Dirt bikes and dual-sport bikes are taller but smaller models like XR75 can be chosen as well.

Or if you want to go the customizable route, then you can get a dealer to shorten the suspension and cut down the seat padding, lowering the seat height on your street bike.

Some street bikes are equipped with a lowering kit, and if that option appeals to you, it’s also worth exploring.

With cruisers, the all-time favorite Harley reigns supreme.

The company manufactures quite a lot of good quality bikes for people on the shorter side.

Some of the popular options available are:

  • The Softail Slim-this works perfectly for people 5 feet tall.

It has the horsepower and weight required to take it out on the highway. But it is sturdy and nimble enough to be comfortable.

It is also highly customizable. If a lowering kit is provided, you may use that. If not, then just visit a dealer and they will do it for you.

You will need to change the shocks to ensure that your feet reach the ground.

  • Heritage-this works great with a lowering kit.

Though on the heavier side, this beauty is built to be cruising on expansive highway roads.

It has a special seat which allows you to sit inside and acclimates really well with your body.

As the center of gravity is lowered, the wind issues slow down too.

  • Sportsters-If what you’re looking for is some good old-fashioned riding on the streets, these are a good option too.

Many are manufactured with low seat heights, but if they aren’t, then a lowering kit and a dealer will suffice.

Ride it and remember:

It’s always helpful to make sure that you have your basics covered and be satisfied that you have sufficient knowledge before you decide, such as choosing a bike to ride.

Remember to keep your eyes open and answer these yes/no questions when you’re out on the hunt for your next bike:

Can your feet touch the solid ground? If yes, proceed. If not, consider a lowering kit.

Can you easily reach the controls? If your height permits you to do so, proceed normally.

But if not, then look into customization.

Nowadays nearly everything on a bike is changeable. Be it the shifter, brake pedals, or both. They are easily removable backwards or forwards to adjust to your needs.

Are your handlebars easily accessible? You can bring them up and adjust them according to your requirements too!

A little customization goes a long way. It may seem intimidating at first, but with a few special tweaks, your bike will be ready, and off you can go riding into the world!