Finding your size in shoes, clothes, or motorcycles is tough for you tall guys.

With the average height for men being 5’9 in the US, most motorcycles are manufactured to cater to the medium build.

This makes it a little difficult for people 6 feet and over to find a bike that works for them.

But don’t worry, even if you are 6’5 there are several tall-guy-friendly options on the market.

You just have to look into bigger bikes that are ergonomically designed to accommodate your size.

This article has all the information you need to make your decision!

What is seat height?

Seat height is the measurement from the lowest point of the motorcycle seat to flat ground, while the bike is standing upright.

There is a variety available in the height and shape of bike seats.

Different bike seats serve different functions to suit the styling and engineering specifications of a bike.

Why are seat heights significant?

Especially for beginners, seat height provides a reliable estimate to see if the bike will be a good fit for you.

One way to figure out if a bike is an appropriate height for you is to measure your pant inseam and subtract an inch and a half or two inches from it.

This measurement should be the ideal seat height for you.

Higher seats are preferable for tall people since they are the most distant from the ground and therefore prevent your legs from being cramped.

Many such individuals are more at ease in low-slung cruiser-style bikes such as Harleys.

Cruiser motorcycles have the engine placed in front of the rider, which allows the seat to be much closer to the ground.

The ape hanger handlebars and forward-mounted foot controls allow your long limbs to rest at a comfortable angle without compromising on control.

What is the usual seat height on bikes?

Duo Sport and Enduro motorcycles with the highest seat measurement have the highest seat height ranging from 31.5 inches and above.

Sports bikes come with narrow seat heights between 30 to 31 inches.

Standard bikes are normally between 28 to 31 inches.

The lowest variety, most cruisers have seat heights from 26 to 29 inches.

What is a comfortable seat height for someone 6’5?

Anywhere from 32 to 34 inches is suitable for a height of 6’5.

It should be high enough for your feet to rest comfortably on the foot pegs without restricting movement or causing pain for extended rides.

How do I know if the bike fits?

For taller individuals, the major concern is not feeling cramped or having your knees bent at an uncomfortable angle, notably for long-distance rides.

Another key point is to have your weight evenly distributed between your seat, feet, and hand without feeling like the bike is too small or too heavy for your build.

This will help you have better control of your vehicle and have a smooth ride.

Can I modify my bike to have a good fit?

Yes, there are a few different ways to tweak the fit of your bike so that it is perfectly customized for your stature.

Changing the length and positioning of handlebars and footholds can make your bike a lot more accommodating for your physique.

Equipping your bike with taller suspensions can also improve ground clearance and the height of your bike.

You can also get a custom seat to adjust according to your preferences.

What are some good motorcycle options for a tall person to buy?

If you don’t already own a bike to change, no problem.

Here are some recommendations if you are interested in purchasing a bike that has larger proportions but is also user-friendly.

A2 bikes – Honda CB500X

The Honda CB500X is a beginner and budget-friendly bike.

Roomy and having a slim seat with a height of 32.8 inches, it boasts the proportions of a bigger bike, which is an attractive feature for tall guys.

With the 2021 update, the adventure-style bike is decked out with extended front and back suspension powered by Euro 5-compliant, 471cc parallel-twin power engine that guarantees speed and accessibility.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

The Vulcan 900 Custom is a convenient option for tall riders who require a mid-sized motorcycle that has a more manageable size and weight.


One of BMW’s best-selling bikes, the R1200GS, is an adventure bike specifically designed with a long-distance suspension that can handle any terrain.

With an adjustable seat height that can go up to 35 inches or 890 mm, it is an extremely well-balanced and enjoyable ride, despite its size.

Honda NC700X

Built to be practical and reliable, this model by Honda is tall-guy friendly, affordable, and fuel-efficient with a double-clutch transmission.

It is a fool-proof choice if you are in the market for reliability and a stable performance delivered by a simple 670 cc parallel-twin engine.

Kawasaki Versys 650

If you are looking for a versatile bike that is great for everyday use but also works for long trips on the highway, this 650 cc, with a twin parallel engine, is the one for you.

It is easier to maneuver and therefore more enjoyable to ride than its 1000 cc counterpart.

The refined rider triangle is also well suited for tall riders.

Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

If there is one thing this bike is not, it’s boring to look at.

The blacked-out, street-ready Night Rod is not only visually attractive but also boasts a powerful 125 hp, 84 lb torque, which is the highest among any other engine produced by Harley Davidson.

As a general rule, tall adventure bikes that have upright ergonomics or low-slung cruisers which might cater to a more leisurely stance best suit tall riders.

These are great options, but only physically trying out your favorite picks is the best way to go.

Despite your physique, there are plenty of options to choose from.

We hope you enjoy your ride!