Bikes are compact yet powerful and incredible machines compared to their counterpart “the four-wheeled cars” that take up so much space to share the same road and ride.

Some bikes share the same or more powerful engine than a car, but half the space occupied by the car; this, although fascinating, can lead to cramped ergonomics, particularly for tall riders.

The confined space may considerably reduce legroom, making it very uncomfortable for tall riders, who would have to strain their legs to adjust.

Choosing the perfect bike for tall riders can be an arduous task, as there are limited options to choose from.

The limited options are also adequate to blow your mind when choosing your dream ride.

How to choose the perfect motorcycle?

You will never buy a bike without testing it; that’s for sure!

With testing a bike, you may come across several bikes that will not feel right.

You might not understand the problem, but one thing would be for sure: the bike is not for you.

Your dream bike must be comfortable enough to make you feel like part of the motorcycle.

It would be as if all the curves and cuts fit you in perfectly.

A comfortable ride gives you the confidence boost you need while cruising and driving every day, specifically if you are a new rider.

But how will you find the perfect bike for yourself?

Well, don’t fret! We have made it easy for you:

  • Make sure that the bike you choose must be comfortable for you. You can only know this by sitting on it and taking a test ride.
  • Bend sideways to get the hang of the weight distribution of the bike. If bending feels natural, the bike is perfect for you.
  • While sitting on the seat, every control must be within your reach snugly without stretching or bending.
  • If you cannot observe and test the bike, ensure to go through the specs sheet thoroughly and visualize every measurement.
  • You can also use online simulators that help you in choosing the quintessential bike according to your inseam and height.

The right motorcycle seat height for 6’3 riders.

6’3 is an impressive height and is good enough to create an intimidating impression.

If you are into sports like basketball, this height is a god-gifted blessing.

However, being tall is not always helpful.

You may encounter several situations where your height will be more of an obstacle rather than a blessing.

Riding bikes is one situation where the average height is considered a blessing.

The taller the person, the longer the legs, ultimately requiring more leg room to be in a cozy position.

The average seat height in most motorcycles is 32 inches, leaving little space for longer legs.

However, you can now get your hands on several bikes designed with higher seat heights for taller people.

34 inches would be a decent seat height for 6’3 riders, where the rider will have ample space to keep his legs without cramping. 

Best bikes for 6’3 riders:

It may seem that all bikes have been designed for the average height.

But you can get a lot of options with raised seat height as well.

Here are some excellent bikes you can get your hands on:

Suzuki DR-Z400S:

If you are looking for a reliable, stylish, powerful, and higher seat height motorcycle, this is the ultimate bike you can get for yourself.

The Suzuki DR-Z400S, with a seat height of 36.8 inches, is spacious enough to accommodate longer legs with no trouble.

It is an exceptionally versatile motorcycle that works splendidly on rough terrains, roads, and even the highway.

This Japanese-built bike will stay with you forever with only a little maintenance, making it worth the money.

KTM RC 390:

Sports bike, tall rider-a problematic combination! Most sports bikes are designed with a lower centre of gravity for better stability.

If you are a tall rider looking for the ideal sports bike, look no further than KTM RC 390.

The 820 mm seat height packed with 35nm torque, 42.9bhp powerful single-cylinder 373cc engine, trellis frame, mono shocks at the back, ride-by-wire throttle, clip-on handlebars, dual-channel ABS, and USD front forks makes it a dream come true for tall riders!

Once you get a hang of this bike, there is no turning back!

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto:

The towering 35” seat height of Husqvarna 701 Supermoto is undoubtedly the most sought motorcycle in the market.

The bike has been designed with a 74 bhp, 602.7 cc powerful single-cylinder engine, two-channel Bosch 9.1 MP ABS, WP APEX 48 fork fixed in CNC-machined triples along with a corresponding WP APEX mono-shock.

Although it is packed with many features, no compromise has been made on its looks.

It is one of the most compact, modern and sleek designs despite its huge engine capacity and tall seat height. 

Honda CRF 300L:

Are you looking for a high adventure bike to go trailing?

Honda CRF 300L is the ideal adventure bike you can buy.

This trail bike is perfect for road and off-road conditions, adding to its versatility.

The 27bhp engine combined with 880mm seat height of almost half the price of its more powerful versions makes it an ideal purchase. 

Final thoughts:

The motorcycle seat height is essential in defining the comfort of your two-wheel ride.

If you fall into the tall category, you would have to look for a bike with a seat height greater than the average.

There are many options for bikes with a tall seat height, so look for one, and enjoy a confident and comfortable ride!