The thrill of riding a motorcycle is beyond explanation.

But you can only experience and enjoy the thrill if you are comfortable on the bike.

You often sit on a bike, but you do not get the feel. Does that sound familiar?

Some issues may include your feet not touching the ground while sitting, the seat being too high or too low, or maybe, the seat being narrow or too broad for you to adjust comfortably.

There may be uncountable reasons for you to be uncomfortable on a bike.

But a common reason is that your height and the motorcycle’s seat height are incompatible.

The motorcycle seat height must fit your height and physique to make you comfortable while sitting on the bike.

Riders with an average height of less than 6 feet can enjoy almost many bikes with no adjustments. 

But, if you are 6 feet or taller, bike riding may be a unique experience.

Motorcycle seat height for 6′ riders

Bikes are of different types, including standard, touring, cruiser, dual-sport, sports, and dirt bikes.

You can get different seat heights in each type. However, the average seat height in a standard motorcycle is approximately 32 inches, which is perfect for average-heighted people.

Choosing the right seat height is imperative for a comfortable ride, mainly if you are new to riding.

For new bikers, not aware of what seat height is: Seat height is the vertical distance between the seat when the bike is on its tyres and the ground.

The lowest seat height ever designed is as low as 25.5 inches in the Harley Softail Slim, while the tallest seat height belongs to the Yamaha YZ 125 and is a whooping 38.6 inches.

Considering the average seat height, it is easy to say that taller people with a height of 6′ should go for motorcycles having a seat height of approximately 33 inches.

Greater seat height means spacious legroom and roomy enough for tall people. This adds to the comfort and confidence of the rider.

Best bikes for 6′ tall bike riders:

With choosing bikes for tall people, the choices may be limited.

Still, there are plenty of celebrated options to choose from.

Some motorcycles that are best suited for tall people include:

Yamaha Tenere 700:

This bike with a seat height of a massive 875 mm is a splendid buy for tall riders.

Although it is high enough to provide enough legroom and space for anyone, it has been designed to look slim and light.

Yamaha’s adventure bike comes with a powerful 73bhp parallel-twin engine that makes riding a smooth and sensational experience.

 The best thing about this slim yet spacious bike is its affordability and durability.

Honda CB500X (A2 bikes):

Bikes with higher seat height can look intimidating, but this Honda model is a unique high-seated bike, expansive enough for very tall riders.

The seat height in this bike is approximately 33 inches, making it the ultimate choice for people of height 6′ and more.

It is reasonably priced yet durable, strongly built, stylish, and comes with a twin-cylinder powerful engine, idyllic for adventure rides on challenging terrains.

The extended suspension and adventure-style wheels make it a phenomenal bike for tall adventure lovers.

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled:

Retro bikes are trendy and adored by bikers, but, sadly, most of the retro bikes are just too small for lanky riders.

But, here comes the game changer-the Ducati Scrambler, which not only has more considerable legroom but larger wheels, longer suspension, and higher bars.

The 840 mm seat height is best for tall retro bike lovers looking forward to driving around the town.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R:

The launch of this bike has revolutionized the concept of how “big bikes” should look.

This bike’s versatility and style are unmatchable, perfect for off-road adventures, twisting roads, and handling luggage with no trouble.

The attention to detail and engine is head and shoulders above every other popular bike.

This spectacular bike is equipped with an up-rated TFT screen, 880mm high saddle, 160bhp twin-engine, cruise control, and advanced electronics.

It’s a complete package for tall riders!

Kawasaki Versys 650/1000:

Kawasaki is a prevalent name for bike riders. With its Versys variants, it has become an even more admired choice.

It is quintessential for everyday use but can also be ideally used for highway cruising.

The parallel twin-engine, outstanding suspension and spacious rider triangle sums up to make it an exquisite preference for tall bike riders.

The 33.1 inches of seat height is an appreciable height for tall riders.

Final thoughts

Motorcycle seat height significantly affects the comfort and confidence of the rider, and it is imperative that the seat height be in accordance to suit the rider.

Bikes with extensive legroom are perfect for tall people, at least 6′ or more, and when they come packed with a stylish body and powerful engine, what better thing could you ask for?

Seat height is not the only factor in determining a rider’s comfort.

Other factors like weight distribution, body proportion, and distance to the controls from your seat play a significant role in getting an unrivaled feel for your ride.