No matter whether you’re using your motorcycle for a long trip or just keeping it safe in your garage, thieves are always ready to grab the chance.

A report in the Telegraph revealed that more than 30,000 bikes were robbed last year and only 40% of them had a chance of recovery. This adds up to a total of 18,000 stolen bikes which is surely a large figure.

It’s obvious that you don’t want to become a part of these statistics. What you can do is, read this ultimate guide and learn self-defense for your motorcycle. So, let’s start!

Motorcycle Robberies

Once a thief has targeted your motorcycle, there is no way you can back him off. Most people think that motorcycle robberies always happen to the landlords owning sports bikes. But that’s only a myth!

Whether it’s a racing bike or an old scooter, robbers won’t leave it. It is because motorcycle parts can be repaired easily which makes them all ready to use again. So you can’t rest assured of leaving your bike all alone in the garage.

Since you can’t change a thief from his theft, you can at least work on your motorcycle safety. Create scenarios that can make thieves give up on their robberies.

5 Tips to Save your Motorcycle

There is no hard and fast rule in protecting a bike. You just have to follow some basic guidelines. These include:

1.     Check the parking lot

Well, this point will gauge the performance of all other tips. While parking your motorcycle, it is important that you consider a mainstream location.

Whether it is a busy road or a parking lot, always park your bike within your reach. It will help you in keeping an eye on your bike. Your diverted attention of worth several seconds can give robbers the chance to do their job.

So, make sure to decide on a parking location that’s safe and secure!

2.     Keep it locked and chained

To reduce the risk, you can choose as many layers of security as you can. Keep your motorcycle locked and chained. A disc lock and grip lock can be used to secure both front and back brakes.

But this is only the first step. Robbers can easily break these locks and steal your bike. Thus, you should prefer using a chain lock. But make sure to attach it with any street object so thieves can’t possibly break it.

3.     Use a plain white cover

Before doing any robbery, thieves always take more interest in checking the model of the bike. It’s more like a shopping haul to them.

If only you cover your motorcycle with a plain white cover, they won’t know what’s in there. That will also make your bike less attractive to being stolen.

4.     Fit a digital alarm inside your bike

We are living in the new digital world so why not take some help from the latest technologies? Install a digital alarm inside your motorcycle and keep it attached to your mobile phone.

This way, you’ll be informed immediately right when an attacker comes near your bike. While buying this device, make sure to get a loud one.

5.     Install a GPS System

Another digital system that you can use to secure your bike is Global Positioning System (GPS). That’s an extra precaution you can take for your motorcycle.

In case your bike is stolen, the GPS System can help in tracking your motorcycle. Therefore, you should install it in a place where it is not easily seen.

This additional step will help in case the thief is planning to detach it from your bike.


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