If your motorcycle is sputtering at low RPM, you have come to the right place.

There is nothing more annoying than a bike that sputters.

Sputtering is when your bike engine doesn’t achieve complete combustion. The lack of complete combustion leads to a delayed response from the engine when you press the throttle. Ultimately, you won’t achieve high speed.

All of these factors combined will affect the performance of your bike.

You cannot ignore the sputtering of the bike. There can be a big issue behind this minor problem.

Let’s find out the reasons for your bike sputtering.

Why Does Your Motorcycle Sputter?

There can be many reasons why a motorcycle sputter. Even a minor fault in the ignition can cause your bike to hesitate.

Here are a few factors that cause bikes to sputter:

Ignition Malfunction

One of the most common causes of sputtering is a malfunction in the ignition.

In the ignition setup of the bike, look for the spark plug. Rusting of the spark plug can cause sputtering.

If the spark plug is dirty and full of grease, it can also lead to sputtering.

Remove the spark plug and examine it for problems carefully. If it has any of the mentioned issues, resolve them. Your bike will stop sputtering.

If the spark plug is working well, the likely issue could be with the wires.

Sometimes those wires can corrode. Corrosion is more common in older bikes.

Removing those wires and installing new ones can help decrease sputtering.

Carburetor Issues

The carburetor of your bike is the heart of your vehicle. Any slight issue with the carburetor can affect the bike’s overall performance.

We will look at carburetor issues one by one. R

  1. A vacuum leak in the carburetor can cause sputtering. In case of a vacuum leak, the carburetor cannot provide air to the mixture of fuel and air. The lack of air then leads to sputtering in your motorcycle.
  1. After a vacuum leak, a gas leak is your enemy. Gas leaks can disrupt fuel consumption by the engine. The incomplete fuel consumption will make your bike sputter.
  2. Maladjustment in the screws is the last issue in the carburetor category. The screws of the engine are tightened during tuning. If the carburetor isn’t tuned regularly, it will cause sputtering.

Clogged Air Filter

The dirty air filter of the bike will prevent the flow of air in the fuel mixture. The lack of air then leads to misfiring and sputtering of the bike.

Here’s How You Can Fix Sputtering

Your bike can malfunction if you don’t have the proper tools to repair the carburetor or the spark plug.

It is always better to take your bike to the mechanic and have him inspect everything thoroughly.

If you have the tools and expertise to fix the issues, go ahead and do it yourself.

Begin with cleaning the bike as it will get rid of corrosion.

But for gas leaks and vacuum leaks, you should consult a mechanic.

How To Prevent Your Motorcycle from Sputtering 

You can save your bike from sputtering by taking some precautions such as:

  1. Treat your motorcycle to a spa day at the workshop regularly. Take it out for tuning at least once a month.
  2. Don’t let your bike corrode. Moisture in bike parts can lead to corrosion and ultimately to sputtering. To prevent corrosion, you can install frame protectors.


Why Does My Motorcycle Stutter When I Accelerate?

The dirty mixture of air and fuel is causing your motorcycle to stutter. The dirt is also blocking your air filter. Hence, making your motorcycle stutter.

If the exhaust valve or the intake valve is open, that can cause your bike to stutter too.

Why Does My Motorcycle Hesitate?

You need to clean your spark plug. Trapped dirt or corrosion in the spark plug is the reason your motorcycle hesitates.

What Causes a Carburetor to Sputter?

A gas leak causes a carburetor to sputter. It can be fixed with a trip to the mechanic easily.

What Is a Misfire on a Motorcycle?

A misfire happens when the cylinders of your bike cannot fire. It affects the speed of your bike as well. Regular maintenance of your motorcycle will prevent it from misfiring.


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