Can you recall the last time you saw a motorcycle with sidecars? Probably not because it may seem like a rare sight on the road.

Initially, motorcycles were always seen with sidecars attached to them but their importance has reduced to a large extent now. However, there are exceptional riders who still take a lot of interest in riding these motorcycles.

These are often referred to as a chair or hack and the sidecar itself has a long history. So, let’s explore it in this article!

What is a sidecar?

A sidecar is more like an extra seat of one wheel attached to the side of a motorcycle. If you want to plan a long road trip with your friend, this motorcycle will go best for you!

Since it carries an additional wheel, this motorcycle has a total of three wheels. And therefore, people even call it a combination, a hack, or a rig.

It was considered the most popular option for family trips because it provides more space for passengers. These motorcycles enhance the rider’s experience by making it more fun and practical.

A Brief History of Sidecars

It goes back to 1893 when sidecars were initially developed for bicycles. The motive behind this invention was a newspaper competition that wanted to explore a new way of adding a passenger to your bike.

When this idea was enlightened, it was considered that adding a side chair on the side is better than the back. It was presented by the winner of this competition, M. Bertoux. He was a French army officer.

When motorcycles became popular instead of bicycles, it was obvious that sidecars would be attached to them. With the long due efforts of different people, a motorcycle with two sidecars was also launched. But it didn’t gain much popularity.

Now let’s take a look at the ways in which this motorcycle is most useful!

Uses of Motorcycle with Sidecars

Since the beginning, sidecars were always known for their extravagant usage. They are best for business rides and long vacation trips. 

Considering the wide range of uses that this motorcycle carries, there remains no doubt that this is the most highly requested option by motorcyclists.

Majorly, motorcycles with sidecars were used for military purposes like world wars. They could transport soldiers quickly over long distances. The great space of this vehicle helped the wounded men to be transferred from one place to another.

The price of this motorcycle is quite cheaper as compared to its wide uses!

Design of this Motorcycle

A motorcycle with two sidecars is not a tricycle but a tetra-cycle because it has four wheels. They’re able to hold more than two people at the same time.

The design of this sidecar is quite simple i.e. a frame and wheel, that’s it! The frame of the bike can be fixed or it can be linked with the bike in a manner that allows riders to ride as if there is no sidecar attached.

The back trunk of this motorcycle is good for storing manageable stuff. In wars, soldiers used to place their guns and other weapons in a small trunk. Hence, the design of the double-sided motorcycle is quite convenient and feasible to use.

Can you put 2 sidecars on a motorcycle?

It depends on your feasibility. The sidecars attached to motorcycles are safe as long as they are not interrupting the riding setup.

Hence, you can add 2 sidecars on a motorcycle if it is convenient for you.

Do they still make sidecars for motorcycles?

Yes, they do. They’ve just lost their importance. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast interested in buying a motorcycle with sidecars, you can get it without any hassle.

Search it on Google and you’ll get multiple options to choose from.

What do you call a motorcycle with a sidecar?

Since it is a three-wheeled motorcycle, it is also known as an outfit, a rig, a combination, or a hack.

Are sidecars still legal?

So far, no law has sentenced double-sided motorcycles as illegal. These bikes were famous in the past centuries. It’s only that their popularity has reduced.

Aside from that, they’re still legal and allowed to be used on public roads.


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