For those who don’t know FZ-07 and MT-07 are the same, it’s just that MT-07 is the new name for Yamaha FZ-07!

The Yamaha FZ-07 caused a great stir in the market of motorcycles when it was first launched in 2014. It quickly became popular among motorcyclists and motorcycle industry publications

Until 2017, it was known as FZ-07 in North America, and then Yamaha decided to change the name to MT-07.

So, if you refer to an FZ-series bike with a nickname as “Fuzz seven”, “Fuzz eight” or “Fuzz night”, you need to change it from now on. These names won’t apply to the 2018 model of Yamaha’s adorable naked bike.

FZ-07 vs. MT-07: Why Yamaha Changed the Name?

A lot of people ask why Yamaha didn’t do it in the first place. What makes the company change its name?

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has decided to adopt the European style for the naming structure of the series and apply the MT prefix to the motorcycles. MT stands for “Master of torque”.

Though MT doesn’t roll off the tongue particularly well, Yamaha applied this nomenclature to stop the comments from our confused European readers.

Aside from the name, is there any difference between FZ-07 and MT-07? Let’s figure it out!

FZ-07 vs. MT-07: Is There Any Difference?

There may be just a little difference between your FZ-09 and FZ-10 bikes and the 2018 models. However, when it comes to MT-07, here are the few updates that you will get on the bike:

  • New graphics and headlights
  • A new seat
  • New intake scoops
  • New Front fender
  • Black handlebars
  • A more compact and innovative taillight
  • Footrest brackets
  • Shift rod.

Yamaha mildly updates the look of the tank, tail, front fender, seat radiator shrouds, and headlights in MT-07. The headlight has a pointier look than it was in FZ-06’s setup. The seat is now extended around the sides of the tank and has 30 percent more area for the rider to have a more comfortable ride. Overall, the new updates give the MT-07 a more aggressive and sporty look.

What’s The Price of the MT-07?

Yamaha sold a bucket load of MT-07s with a price tag of $7500.

Even though it was far more powerful than the FZ-06 (its predecessor), the MT-07 is much lighter and graceful. The MT-07 is a mix of relaxed and rowdy commuting rather than a hard and fast tracker.

Essentially a comfortable motorcycle for your daily usage at such a reasonable price, the Yamaha MT-07 is the best bike you can get.

Things You Need to Know About MT-07

Everyone knows that the MT-07 is the most popular Yamaha bike, but do you really know about it? There are things that you probably don’t know about MT-07, let’s have a look at those:

  • The Mt-07 is a 690cc motorcycle everywhere in the world except in Australia and New Zealand. In these two countries, MT-07 is 655cc.
  • Yamaha engineers design the rear shock under the seat of the Mt-07 to make the bike beginner-friendly.
  • The updated MT-07 motorcycle has 40% less horsepower than its predecessor.
  • Though the MT-07 is a great bike, its front brakes aren’t much stronger, which is the major flaw of the MT-07 so far.


Are FZ-07 And MT-07 The Same?

Regardless of a few updates, we discussed above, FZ-07 and MT-07 are the same. FZ-07 is the old name of the Yamaha FZ- series of motorcycle, now the name updated to MT-07

Is MT-07 A Fast Bike?

The MT-07 covers 0-60 mph in 3.73 seconds. The MT-07’s engine is good but it’s not class-leading. So, it shouldn’t be compared with other faster bikes. 

Is FZ The Same As MT?

Yes, apart from the names, the Yamaha FZ models are the same as their MT counterparts.

Is MT-07 Good for Beginners?

Yamaha MT-07 is one of the easiest middleweight motorcycles to ride around the town and is definitely good for beginners. The rear stock of the bike keeps the wheelbase distance shorter. The shorter the distance is the less long the bike will be. As a result, it will be easier to handle it more carefully.


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