Motorcyclists of racing bikes are always excited to update their bikes to make them look, high class. One of the most popular accessories you can add to your motorcycle is a fairing.

Some of you might be unaware of what motorcycle fairing is.

Well, motorcycle fairings are plastic shells that are placed over the frame of a bike to prevent air drag, produce a faster acceleration, and reduce excessive fuel consumption. These can add a lot of styles and flair to your bike.

An awesome paint job can make your motorcycle fairings look even better. If you need some guidance about the type of paint you should use on your motorcycle fairings, we’ve got you! So, let’s dig into the details!

Material for Painting Process

The process of painting motorcycle fairings is quite easy. It depends on you whether you want to do it yourself or hand it over to a professional. But either way, you should carefully select the materials you’ll need.

Three basic things you must buy include:

  • A sandpaper
  • A primer
  • A spray paint

You’ll require these to remove dirt, prep the bike for the process, and lastly, paint it. Some other materials you can choose include Degreaser, Tape, hot soap, and water. These are optional so you can skip them.

Apart from these materials, the right type of knowledge and skills are also required to paint your motorcycle properly.

Best Paint for Motorcycle Fairings

Generally, you can paint your fairings with anything you like. If you want them to be color matched, Colorite paints will go best for you. But they are quite pricey and therefore, not many people prefer using them.

By far, as rated by the experts, automotive paint can best suit your motorcycle fairings. Do you know why??

Because it can stand all types of weather and winds. Automotive paints are designed to best handle differently. For instance, even after being exposed to different elements, the motorcycle fairings won’t be affected.

The main function of any paint is to protect the motorcycle from all sorts of external elements. So whatever that does that qualifies. Using automotive paints will further protect the plastics shells of fairings from UV radiations as well.

If only the factor of protection is saved, everything goes well with other paints as well. So now you know which paint to use for your motorcycle fairings.


How do you paint plastic fairings?

To paint plastic fairings, you just need to follow these 9 steps:

  • Remove the fairings from the motorcycle, clean them, and then sand them.
  • Use soapy water for cleaning to remove any dirt.
  • To sand the surface well, using 400-grit sandpaper is preferable.
  • Rinse off the dust and leave them to dry.
  • Apply a coat of primer on the fairings and leave it to dry out.
  • Spray a thin layer of base coat and again let it dry.
  • Once the base color has dried, sand the fairings.
  • Apply for multiple coats and each time; give some time to the fairings to dry.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the color, leave them for at least 24 hours, and then reattach them.

Can I paint motorcycle plastics?

Yes! Painting motorcycle plastics is quite an easy process. Simply, give this guide a read-out and do the work all by yourself.

How do you spray paint a motorcycle fairing?

If you’re doing it for the first time, you should do some practice first on cardboard or anything alike. This way, you’ll know at which flow rate you should paint and how fast or slow you should move your hand. Your preparation and practice can help you in spray painting a motorcycle fairing professionally.

How do professionals paint motorcycle fairings?

Using the same 9 step guide, professionals paint your motorcycle fairings. The only difference is that they get skilled by practicing again and again. And therefore, their work looks great no matter which paints you choose!


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