If there is one thing you should never compromise on, it is the tire of a bike. Tires can make and break a motorcycle. From the performance of a bike to durability, everything depends on the tires.

Not every kind of tire is suitable for every bike. Touring bike requires a special kind of tires. Similarly, racer bikes are made from different tires.

In the plethora of bike tires, you can feel lost. But you have nothing to worry about.

We have prepared this guide for two top-notch bike tires; Power 5 and Road 5. Both tires have good quality and endurance.

A comparison of Power 5 and Road 5 will help you select the dream tire for your bike.

Let’s look at Power 5 and Road 5 motorcycle tires.

Michelin Power 5

Michelin released Power 5 in 2020. It is an improved version of the previous power tires by the company.

The tire is made up of 2 CT technology. The 2 CT technology is simply the use of 2 compounds to ensure long-lasting performance of the tire.

Michelin power 5 has a harder compound in the center. The edges of the tire are made up from softer compounds.

This dual compound model ensures the tire thrives for decades. It also provides extra firm grip.

Another unique ingredient is the silica in the tire. Not only silica ensures durability of the tire but also improves acceleration of the bike.

Michelin Road 5

Road 5 is from the same company as power 5, but it has unique features.

The unique quality of Michelin Road 5 is the excellent wet and dry grip. The tire has a powerful grip on both dry and wet roads.

A unique tread pattern in the center of the tire provides wet grip. The company has designed a distinct pattern on the shoulders of the tire. Hence, the shoulder of the tire ensures a good dry grip.

The company has introduced Adaptive Casing Technology in the tire’s frame. Thanks to this new technology, the Road 5 has better stability and rigidity than previous models.

Which Tire Should You Choose?

The power 5 and road 5 tires are for sports bikes. But the dilemma is which one you should choose?

Here are some points you should keep in mind before deciding.

  1. If you are not a racer, get the Power 5 tires. They are perfect for casual, day to day use.
  2. Road 5 tires have exceptionally good wet and dry grip. For people living in countries like England, Road 5 is the best tire.
  3. Durability of both tires is excellent. Whichever one you get, it will outlive other brands of tires.
  4. Road 5 are expensive tires. If you do not have the budget, go for Power 5 tires.
  5. Cold weather is the enemy of Power 5 tires. If you live in a cold country, don’t get power 5 tires.

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