You should be checking out the Progressive 944 shock absorber, if you have a touring bike and you are looking for something which will provide you with a better ride and help you carry weight or a passenger along with you if you happen to travel heavy loaded most of the time. These shock absorbers are specifically designed for riders who own touring bikes or are looking to own one. So let’s jump right in and fill you with all the noteworthy information you should be aware of before purchasing a progressive 944 in regards to the prominent features it entails and how it is better than the rest of the shock absorbers available in the market. 

Eye-catching features of a Progressive 944 :

Progressive 944 suspensions are constructed specially for touring motor bikes. Considering the fact that touring bikers have a need of a specific damping capacity and spring size requirements which are different from the usual type of motor bikes on the road.

A progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is designed to cater to all the problems faced during the journey and related to their circumstances. Some of the features of progressive 944 are briefly discussed as follows.

  • High level technology – FST :

One of the best features of a progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is the fact that the manufacturers prepared it with the developed technology applications and were able to install special sensors in the shock absorber, known as Frequency Sensing Technology. 

To be precise, the sensing technology in the progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is smart enough to know what kind of hit is coming on the road ahead of time, whether it is a small bump or a big bump.

In a layman’s version, this shock is capable of damping according to the bumps which it senses that you have already run over on the roads. This high sensing technology makes it very easy to dial in a great ride considering the fact that the progressive 944 is doing a lot of the hard work for you. 

  • Adjustable Preload :

One of the other fascinating features of the progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is the knurled section visible on it. The knurled section on this shock absorber allows you to get a good grip on it. The reason you can get a good grip is because of the adjustment capability of the preload without any tools.

So at any point of your ride if you do not like the way your progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is riding, or your ride is dialed a little less preload or a little more preload, then all you have to do is to pop off your bags, which requires no instrument and readjust the preload on the shock absorber.

The only gripe with the progress 944 Ultra shock absorber is that you need strong hands to adjust the preload. It is not the easiest adjustment shock absorber but definitely does not require any assistance from a mechanic or utensils to fix it.

  • Standard shock absorber size :

Progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber has the same size as the standard 13 inch Harley Davidson Touring motor bike. This enables the Ultra shock absorber to be easily installed into any motor bike.

However, the progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is designed to fit in your vehicle but at the same time, it will sit the motor bike about an inch lower to the ground. So that you get to remove the rear of your motor bike lower but still getting the exact same travel as the original factory shock absorber with a better ride.

Especially for those who feel that their motor bike is a bit tall or maybe if a passenger tends to face difficulty while trying to get on the bike. Progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is actually a perfect solution and you would not go wrong with it. 

  • A two beard installment :

The procedure of installation of a progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is referred to as a moderate level of difficulty. The reason behind the statement is that you require a motor bike jack to lift your vehicle up in the air and then carefully attach the two ends of the shock absorber to the motor bike which a four fastener.

It is not a technical difficulty installment process instead you just need some specialized equipment and a little bit of planning before you do the installation.  

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Progressive 944 Ultra shock absorber is a great choice for a bagger if you happen to have one. Generally, these shocks come in standard duty and heavy-duty shocks but if you have over 180 pounds carrying weight then we would like to recommend the heavy-duty shocks for a smooth ride for both a rider and a passenger.


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