Many people ask the question that which type of shock absorber is the best that professionals would like to recommend.

But to be honest, after consulting various professionals we have reached the final decision that there is no such specific answer to the question whereas there is a shock absorber that would be perfect for a specific situation.

Both of these suspensions have their own respective significance. 

Depending on your preferences and the conditions you face, here are some of the advantages listed in simple terms for both progressive suspension and legend suspension, to help beginners as well as experts to choose the shock absorber which they can most benefit from accordingly.

Progressive Suspension

The progressive suspension is one of the best shock absorbers after air shock absorbers. Many people have rated progressive suspension as the best because of various reasons. And here are some of the prominent advantages of purchasing a progressive suspension.

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  • Low price range :

Many people face financial issues and are unable to afford expensive products. But to make sure that everyone can afford a basic shock absorber with excellent properties in a minimum set range, many companies have introduced progressive suspension with less price and special discounts.

So if you are looking for an affordable shock absorber we would recommend you to go and buy a progressive suspension.

  • Lifetime warranty

Various people assume that if a product is being sold at a low price it is either fake or not as efficient as the others. You do not need to heed such rumors, instead, you should go and check out the reviews from other customers along with the lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturers of progressive suspension which would ensure that they are true to their word.

  • Strength and load withholding capacity

One of the many other characteristics which make progressive suspension an amazing choice is its load withstanding capacity. While riding a motor bike it is not only capable of bearing the weight of the rider but also the passenger load with a total of up to 250 pounds.

This ensures that you would have a safe road trip without damaging the tires of your motor bike, howsoever the passage maybe.

  • Easy regulation

You might assume that once the shock absorber is installed it cannot be in tune with your new requirements. There are no such concerns you will have to face while trying to adjust a progressive suspension.

In its place, you may simply require a screw to tight or loosen the nut in accordance with your circumstances. And to further make the process easier, you will hear a ticking sound with each level of alteration. 

Thus helping you learn the procedure quickly so that you would not require a mechanic in the middle of your journey to help you fine-tune your progressive suspension.

  • High technology system

Progressive suspensions are known for the amazing technology with which they are constructed with. To ensure that you have a smooth journey, progressive suspensions are made with the Frequency Sensing Technology ( F. S. T ).

This property renders them with the ability to notice the slightest change in the road, and thus enable them to prepare themselves to absorb the excessive bumps so that they drive slickly and are able to avoid any foreseen accidents.   

  • Faultless performance

The springs in the progressive suspension are given such qualities which enables them to absorb the abrupt shocks which can cause accidents by bumping your motor bike up in the air. Therefore the absorbed shock waves are unable to interfere with your journey besides assisting you to maintain the speed of your vehicle.


One of the disadvantages of progressive suspension is its small width springs. This makes them vulnerable to high pressure when applied. Therefore they are not preferred for a two-passenger ride as they can break and cause accidents if they are encountered with steep jumps.

Legend Suspension

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With the advancement in technology, legend suspension was developed that provides us with further enhanced qualities we desire in a shock absorber. As the name indicates these shock absorbers are indeed the best in regards to absorbing the bumps while driving at high speed.

To prove our point here are some prominent characteristics which have made legend suspension appears on the top of the chart.

  • High load carrying capacity

One of the many things which have given the legend suspension an upper hand over the other shock absorbers along with progressive suspension is its ability to withstand a huge amount of load.

Legend suspension enables your motorbike to carry weight up to 230 kg, which means a cumulative weight of the rider and the passenger or the carriage he wants to carry along his trip.

  • Adjustable knob

Unlike the progressive suspension for which you require a screw to make the nut tight or loose in accordance with your situation, a legend suspension is much simpler. In other words, you do not require any other instrument. Instead, they have replaced the nut with a knob which makes it easier to alter with your bare hands.

Just like progressive suspension, you will hear a tick as you adjust and a visual representation of the levels is also labeled.

  • Easy to install

You can easily set up your legend suspension on your motorbike without any help from a mechanic. You would simply require a ratchet and socket. These instruments will help you remove and install the shock absorbers from the vehicle.

Once you have chosen your legend suspension you could simply tighten the bolt and place stainless steel materials to prevent any rusting. The structural form of legend suspension will help you place the item properly.

  • High durability

Not only is legend suspension made up of such material which will prevent it from rusting or contamination but also enhances its strength.

The springs of a legend suspension are made in such a way that they can not only withhold the weight but also are durable in nature and are not broken easily.

The springs of legend suspension consist of high width which enables them to bear up the weight of both rider and passenger which is preferred for people who like to go on trips.  

  • Prevents any rebounding

In any case such as while using a progressive suspension, customers have complained that even though the frequency of the bumps faced is reduced. There is still a huge amount of rebound frequency faced by customers.

In the case of legend suspension, you would not face any such rebounds as they are completely absorbed due to their high technology and durability.

  • Various lengths of springs

Legend suspension is available in numerous varieties due to its size. The spring size and length of the springs of the legend suspension varies which provides the customers with a number of options from which they can choose in relevance to their preference and situation.

The optimal size of legend suspension depends on the type of motor bike you are driving. These different sizes of the legend suspension springs are equally sturdy and resistant to rusting. 

  • High price value

If you are facing a tough financial situation then legend suspension is definitely not a good option for you. Even though the legend suspension is expensive in a matter of cost but it is worth it.

The high durability level and sturdiness of legend suspension withstand the test of time. And they are also provided with a lifetime warranty, thus indicating how true to their word they are.


Legend suspension consists of only a few disadvantages as they have great quality but lie in the upper price range which makes it difficult for most people to purchase it. And in some cases, it is a bit difficult for beginners to handle the motor bike with such advanced suspensions.

As a result, it is advised by the professionals to ride the bike on progressive suspension before moving on to the legend suspension and trying to conduct dangerous acts of bike sports.

Legend REVO-A FLH | Legend Suspensions

Without any doubt, shock absorbers are an integral part of a motor bike, as they not only help in absorbing the excessive frequency generated from the bumps but also make sure that your vehicle maintains a steady speed so that you can have a smooth journey.

As confusing as it might seem like a beginner, gaining knowledge about these shock absorbers is equally important as learning how to operate your vehicle.

This blog contains all the essential information you would require to make the decision of choosing between a progressive suspension and a legend suspension. Both of these shock absorbers have their own plus points and drawbacks.

Finally, the call is yours to make depending on your preferences and the circumstances you will be facing while driving the motor bike. Most of all you can also get your shock absorbers painted to achieve the desired look.


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