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Air ride shocks
Legends Aero-A Adjustable Air Suspension – Black AA17FLTR For Harley Street Glide    
Coil-over shocks
Legends Revo-A Adjustable Coil Suspension For Harley Street Glide

We’re sure you spent ample time researching which motorcycle to purchase before you finally made the decision to buy the Harley Street Glide. It’s a one of a kind motorcycle that gives you a riding experience like no other.

However, if you were smart enough to purchase the Harley Street Glide, then you’re probably thinking of investing in a product that will further enhance your ride quality and motorbike’s performance now.

As a rider, you know that the infrastructure you undertake most of your journeys on is far from perfect. There are several bumps, poorly constructed roads, rocks, and potholes that you encounter along the way. And if you don’t have the right suspension, then even a bike like the Street Glide might not be able to withstand such harsh conditions.

So how do you avoid all of this? Simple; invest in a good suspension! But wait, what kind of suspension? Are you also torn between air ride shocks and coil-over shocks? Well, that’s completely understandable.

Keep on reading as we will be talking about both kinds of suspensions in detail in the following article. This will hopefully enable you to decide which suspension will work best for you.

Air ride shocks

An air suspension system incorporates air springs or airbags in each wheel of the motorcycle. Each airbag is then inflated by the air compressor and this lifts the motorcycle to your desired ride height.

The installation of an air suspension system can result in a number of benefits. You are guaranteed a smooth and comfortable ride because air springs are able to absorb road energy at a faster rate. This is especially beneficial for those who tend to spend long hours on the road as the effect of air shocks is maximized when covering larger distances.

The best thing about an air suspension is that its firmness and height can be adjusted according to your preferences. Some riders prefer a softer suspension which will result in a smoother ride whereas others prefer a firmer suspension. Once the air suspension is installed, it can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

In the same manner, the air suspension also allows you to adjust the ride height on your motorcycle. This means that relatively tall people will no longer have to keep their legs in an uncomfortable position while riding and those who are relatively short will finally be able to put their feet down. Therefore, a safer, more comfortable ride can be expected.

However, one drawback that should be kept in mind is that air suspensions parts tend to break down much faster than other kinds of suspensions.

Legends Aero-A Adjustable Air Suspension – Black AA17FLTR For Harley Street Glide    

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If you feel like air shocks are something you would be willing to invest in after going through the above mentioned benefits, we suggest you opt for the AA17FLTR Air Suspension by Legends.

Along with all the benefits of the AERO suspension system, this suspension has also an additional six external knob adjustments that enable fine-tuning of rebound damping. An optimum rebound performance is guaranteed irrespective of the rider’s weight and in accordance with his/her personal riding style and ride quality.

Therefore, whether you’re a light or a heavy rider, you will be will to fine-tune the suspension according to your liking and to suit your personal needs.

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Coil-over shocks

Unlike air shocks, coil-over shocks primarily make use of a spring or a coil wrapped around the shock absorber to achieve a smooth performance. The coil is adjustable which means that it can be lowered or raised to achieve the height that you desire.

Coil-over shocks work in a similar fashion as air shocks but they are much stiffer and do not compress as easily. While this may come at the cost of slightly less comfort, it does ensure a firmer performance and also prevents your bike from bottoming out.

With coil-over shocks, you will get better handling as they will enable you to turn corners and make sharp turns at high speeds. Moreover, if you encounter bumps on the road, the coil will compress, and once the road levels out, the shock absorber will push the spring back up again thus ensuring a smooth ride.

Most importantly, coil-over shocks are known to be more durable than air shocks. This means they are long lasting and have the ability to withstand excessive wear and tear.

Legends Revo-A Adjustable Coil Suspension For Harley Street Glide

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If you’re leaning more towards coil-over shocks rather than air shocks, then we would recommend the Revo-A Adjustable Coil Suspension by Legends. You will only see customers raving about their performance.

They are sold in pairs and include six external knob adjustments that enable effective rebound damping. Moreover, they also have an adjustable coil suspension which leads to even better rebound damping.

Their maximum weight capacity is 500 pounds which means your friend can accompany you on your journey and you can easily carry your luggage as well.

Furthermore, the great thing about this suspension is that it is compatible with all kinds of riding styles, whether light or heavy and it is durable and stain resistant.

Here we reach the end of our article. By now we’re hoping you have a clear idea as to why investing in a high quality suspension is absolutely necessary.

When you purchase a bike a great as the Harley Davidson Street Glide, it is your responsibility to give it the treatment that it deserves. That essentially means making the necessary upgrades that will bring an improvement in your bike’s performance and ride quality.

We’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of both air shocks and coil-over shocks. Now the choice is up to you. Make sure to spend some time looking into the features of each of these suspensions and then choose the one that best satisfies you.

We sincerely hope the choice you end up making is the right one and succeeds in enhancing your overall riding experience. Until then, good luck!


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