Harley Davidson Road King bike is a must-have for every motorcycle enthusiast.  It differs from other motorcycles because of its unique design and vintage features.

Over the years, the company has produced many editions of Road King. Every edition has improved features and better engines.

However, not every Road King is up to the mark.

Customers have observed that some Road King bikes are just not as good as others. Sometimes, they can be worse.

Do you want to find out which Road Kings to avoid?

Keep reading to find out.

Road King Editions You Should Avoid

Below is the list of Road King editions you should avoid.

1.   The 1999 Edition

Although Harley Davidson Road King 1999 seems like beauty, it isn’t until you do some research.

The 1999 bike was the first-ever bike to get a twin-cam. It might be the reason this bike has so many issues.

The engine does not work correctly, and you do not achieve full speed with this bike. Some owners even complained about the engine coming apart. Harley Davidson has not fixed that issue up till now.

2.   Road King 2000

The 2000 Road King has laced wheels and a chromatic black finish but this doesn’t solve the major issues with the bike.

This Harley model has several problems. The chain tension fails prematurely and can cause accidents on the road.

The cam bearings are prone to repeated damage. No matter how many times you repair it, you just cannot fix it. Oil pumps have narrow pipes that affect the performance and speed of the bike.

Some owners even changed the engine entirely to make 2000 Road King work but all in vain.

3.   2003 Road King

2003 Road King is a problem child bike. The fuel tank and engine are the faulty parts. 

Its durability is also questionable. Moreover, the years of usage will break down the fuel intake which will prevent the bike from achieving full speed.

Though the throttle can keep the bike running, you should not get it.

4.   2004-2009 Models

On a broader level, the 2003-2009 models of the Road King went through a significant evolution. The manufacturers introduced modifications in all the features; from the engine to the chain.

But the major problem was the cam bearings on all these bikes.

The cam bearings lead to engine failure. This is highly dangerous while you are riding a bike and can cause a life-threatening accident.

What To Look for Before You Buy a Road King?

Before you decide which Road King is the love of your life, look for some features on the bike such as:

1.   Record of the Road King

You must scrutinize the title records of the bike you buy. Look for the history of the Road King. If the records show the bike had been in an accident, avoid it.

2.   History of Service

Buy a bike that has been serviced properly. Not only will it cost you less, but it will also be in good condition.

3.   Engine and Frame

You deserve the best Road King bikes. Inspect the engine and do proper research about the power and durability. The frame of the bike determines the lifetime of the bike. Hence, examine the frame and design of the Road King.


What Is the Best Year for the Harley Davidson Road King?

The 2016 Harley Davidson Road King Classic is everything you can ask for. It has an impressive design, saddlebags made from leather and protection bars.

The chromatic design is bound to impress while dual halogen headlamps and detachable windscreen are unique and durable features of the bike.

This Road King edition boasts 6-speed manual transmission and a 1690 cc twin-cam engine.

What Years Were Bad for Harley-Davidson?

The Softail Harley Davidson of 2005 has a weak engine. After a few rides, the engine is prone to wear and tear. The chain system of the engine is also unreliable.

Harley Davidson has also produced electric bikes in the past few years. One of them is the Livewire electric motorcycle.

The battery life of the bike is where the problem is. It takes 8 hours to charge the bike which lasts for only 70 miles.

When Did the Road King Get the 103 Engine?

The unique feature of the Road King is the twin cam 103 engine. It got the twin cam 103 engine in 2007 while the Twin cam 103 motors were installed in 2012.

What Year Did the Road King Get Fuel Injection?

Harley Davidson got the fuel injection in 1996. The fuel injection controls the vehicle’s timing while delivering fuel into the engine. It made the Road King bikes faster and more efficient.


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