It is more like a tradition, the 3–4-foot plaited string you see dangling from the handlebars on some motorcycles is known as a “get-back whip” or a “dog whip.”

It is a tradition from 1970s bikers who used them as a method for keeping aggressive dogs under control while riding at low speeds.

Why Do Riders Have Whips?

The whip could be quickly released and used “in an emergency” to swing at whatever was making a threat to the biker. That is why they are named as “Get Back Whip”.

Whips stand out and attract the attention of different drivers. Today, the whips are used for aesthetic reasons. People choose colors to match the motorcycles.

Why do Bikers Find Ropes tough?

You’re exposed to the genuine risk of other vehicles when on a bike. So this might be a possibility that bikers believe they’re extreme, tough, or just “rough”, as you hang it.

What is the Length of The Whip?

The Get Back Whips are normally made of meshed leather and a snap on the end. They vary in length from 24″ to 48″.

What is the ‘Real’ purpose of whips?

In reality, they were often used as weapons, accessible both while riding to offer wayward vehicles attention-getting smack, or when off the motorcycle as a weapon in rivals with other clubs.

Moreover, get-back whips could be twisted with a cord in club colors to fill in as an identifying sign of a motorcycle when the member wasn’t close by.

Is Get-Back-Whip Illegal?

Get back whips are presently not necessary, so they are mainly for decoration for a bike. Whips are viewed as deadly weapons in certain states and might be illegal to possess.

Like a blackjack, they might be considered an illegal weapon. In certain states, you can have them on your ride, but they should be fixed, and not easily removable.

In California, they must be attached to the vehicle so they can’t be used as a weapon.

How Much Paracord is required to make a Get Back whip?

The things required to make a get-back whip are basic, yet some require a touch of work to find. You will need 2 cords, every 27 feet in length for a 2 feet whip. For a more extended whip, these should be longer.


Why Do Bikers Put Whips on their handlebars?

Back in the day, you’d see bikers donning whips – dangling from their clutch or brake as they rode.

The leather whips were made using the biker’s club colors – to show their tones and for club recognition. A biker whip could be quickly removed and used “in case of emergency.”

What Is the Long Thing Hanging from Motorcycle handlebars?

The 3-4 feet long braided cord you see hanging from the handlebar is called a “get back whip” or a “dog whip”. It was a tradition back in 1970.

The riders used them mainly for keeping away aggressive dogs at bay when riding at low speeds.


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