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What Is an O2 Sensor

An O2 sensor is one of the sensors present in the exhaust system of an automobile engine. The function of the O2 sensor is to adjust the fuel to air ratio in the system. The O2 sensors achieve this by regulating temperature in the exhaust chamber.

The temperature in the exhaust depends upon the amount of fuel present in it. The greater percentage of fuel, the higher the exhaust temperature.

History of Use of O2 Sensor

O2 sensors were made mandatory for all cars in 1981 as they result in less production of exhaust gases from automobiles giving us a cleaner environment.

O2 sensors were first introduced in Dyna bikes in 2006 models. Harley started using O2 sensors in its models in the year 2007.

Advantage Of Using O2 Sensor in A Bike

Using a sensor converts an open-loop system into a closed-looped one. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Using an O2 sensor in the exhaust system of the automobile regulates the amount of fuel delivered to the system. This results in less unnecessary combustion of fuel and causes less consumption of fuel as well as less emission of exhaust making the system eco-friendly.

As the O2 sensor continuously measures temperature it also results in less wear and tear of engines and thus increased life of the engine.

Disadvantage Of Using O2 Sensor in a Bike

Having an O2 sensor in the bike comes with its own disadvantages. As closed-loop systems are more complicated than open looped systems, they usually cost a higher amount.

Using an O2 sensor can result in a decrease in a few HP in the power of the engine. A closed-loop system has increased bandwidth and also makes the automobile less stable.

Reasons Of Removal Of 02 Sensors from The Bike

●       To increase the performance of the bike

●       To decrease the mileage of the engine

●       To increase the stability of the bike

●       To prevent sluggish and rough driving with stalls in case the O2 sensor goes bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can you run a motorcycle without an O2 sensor?

Yes, you can start the engine without an O2 sensor. But, running your bike without an O2 sensor will result in an increase in uptake of fuel. It will also decrease the life of your engine. You may also experience jerking and rough rides depending upon your engine management system.

2.  Can I run my Harley without an O2 sensor?

According to the email answered by Vance and Hines in 2015, running Harley without O2 sensors will not harm the engine.

However, it will lead to increased fuel consumption at high altitudes and comparatively low fuel consumption at low altitudes. Similarly, removing O2 sensors will cause more emissions of gases making the system less eco-friendly.

3.  Will taking out the O2 sensor increase my bike performance?

Generally, all bikes are designed to perform optimally with O2 sensors installed in them. But if you are keen on improving your bike performance or you have installed some high-performance parts like exhaust headers and nitrous, taking out O2 sensors can give you the leverage of a few HP.


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