The see-through motorcycle gas tank above got us all thinking, “Would it be nice to get our motorcycle this look?

If so, let’s discuss these fancy-looking gas tanks!

At times, see-through or transparent objects have been quite popular. The accelerated development of see-through plastic types back in the 60s and 70s has provided constructive resources for designers to practically work more on such ideas.

From the coolest and most functional items such as a transparent camera to the most ridiculous ones, a lot of see-through objects go well in the market.

A see-through motorcycle gas tank is one of the most stunning ideas of all time.

Regardless of the looks, let’s have a look at its pros and cons!

Idea Of A See-Through Motorcycle Gas Tank

The idea of see-through motorcycle gas tanks was first introduced by Honda. The company filed a patent back in 2005 for transparent gas tanks.

Although the idea was really fascinating, it comes with certain drawbacks, and heat build-up is one of the major drawbacks of all.

Heat Build-up: How does it work?

This is how the heat building of a gas tank works:

  • The outer body shape of a tank acts as a lens. 
  • It concentrates the sunlight on the fuel.
  • As a result, it leads to excessive heat build-up and fuel vaporization, which is a major safety hazard.

Other than the heat building up, sunlight also negatively impacts the quality of the fuel. Another concerning issue about a see-through tank is the need for consistent cleaning of the interior of the tank.

The left-behind sediments or residue of the petrol would ruin the cool look of your motorcycle.

The Cool Look of A See Through Gas Tank

There isn’t any doubt that a see-through gas tank is the coolest gas tank your bike may have. It’s not just the functional aspect of being able to ditch, but you can know how much gas you have got left.

Transparent gas tanks are:

  • Plastic gas tanks: Transparent gas tanks that are made of plastics are safe. The only problem with plastic tanks is because of their fittings, as it is hard to seal.
  • Glass gas tanks: No doubt glass gas tanks look cool but they are risky. The low density can shatter the glass, however, you can customize a glass tank using shatterproof glass.

Read on for more quick queries regarding motorcycle gas tanks:

Does A Motorcycle Gas Tank Need to Be Vented?

Yes, a motorcycle gas tank needs to vent in order to breathe. A vent helps your gas tank to breathe and it will relieve both the vacuum and pressure.

Without a vent, you will notice a clear swelling in the tank.

How Do I Build a Custom Motorcycle Gas Tank?

It’s hard to list down all the steps here. You can check the detailed process on YouTube. But before that, you need to have an idea about what you are going to make. Bring the idea, material, and tools and start working on it.


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