Oh! The thought of riding a bike from Key West to Seattle in a flowy skirt and hot leather jacket; doesn’t it sound cool and romantic?

But it’s so risky.

As a female motorcyclist, finding an appropriate attire to keep you safe but still maintain your fashion style while riding is truly an obstacle.

It’s important to dress properly for every rider to protect them from any mishap.

However, the question is: can you wear skirts on motorcycles?

Worry not; this article is a lifesaver for fashion freaks who want to ride with style.

We have wrapped up all the tips and tricks for riding a bike in a skirt.

Hear us out: you absolutely can safely ride a bike in a skirt.

Let’s get started!

Appropriate Motorcycle Clothing

No doubt skirts look chic and classy, but the foremost choice to wear while riding should be a jacket along with long pants. Your skin will also thank you if anything goes wrong.

The best option is either synthetic materials or leather ones. They will give you protection and save your legs from engine heat.

Go with ankle covering boots along with pants on motorcycles. You can easily find dozens of fashionable ankle boots perfect for protection and style.

Wear: Gloves and a Helmet

Wearing a helmet and gloves provides plenty of protection while riding. These are the gears that riders almost go without.

With investing in the right style helmet and a decent pair of gloves, you can assume the right amount of protection from crashes.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle With A Skirt On?

Yes, it’s not illegal to wear a skirt, but you must be aware of risks coming along. Wearing a skirt and shorts means less protection.

Especially if it’s a hot day, the idea can be hard to follow. It is extremely uncomfortable, let alone dangerous.

A loose skirt will flap everywhere and could bottleneck your vision. It isn’t very pleasant if it’s a tight skirt. It may limit the movement of your legs to move the motorcycle in the right direction.

Though still, a lot of women can be seen doing it. You’re risking your skin if it ever comes in contact with exhaust pipes and engines.

Tricks and Tips For Riding a Motorcycle in a Skirt

A simple solution to prevent your outfit from getting in wheels or chains is wearing pants. But it’s certainly not the only one.

It can be quite hard to hop off and hop on your bike in a flowy, fun skirt. However, some precautions can help make biking pretty simple in skirts.

No need to panic! We have got your back with these tips to keep your style and modesty untouched while you wheel down the roads.

How to Ride in a Long Skirt?

The biggest concern is the length of your skirt while riding on a motorcycle. Safety becomes an issue with a fuller or too-long skirt.

Wearing long full skirts and maxi skirts means they can find their way into the wheels of a bike. Ideally, midi length and knee-length can work if a skirt is flexible and slim.

The quick tip is tying your long skirt into a knot with the items you probably have in your house – binder clips or elastic bands. Yes, securing your skirt is that easy!

These methods work best on long skirts. A knot will keep your skirt out of the wheel, making them more bike-friendly on the go.

How to Ride in a Short Skirt?

Investing in a quality pair of leggings, shorts, and pants to wear underneath short skirts is a good option. Leggings will help you commute in style without blowing hot wind into your legs.

You don’t have to wear pants or leggings all day, making them a comfortable option. Once you reach the location, you can remove them and put them back on before you leave.

This way, you can ensure that biking doesn’t stop you from expressing yourself through fashion.

Use Chain Guards and Skirt Guards

Skirt guards are the most useful option to help prevent your skirt from catching in the wheel.

These devices may be of plastic, fabric, or metal and fit over the rear wheel of a motorcycle/bicycle.

This trick will also help keep your skirt or legging clean of chain grease, along with protecting them from getting stuck in the chain.

How to Sit on a Bike When Wearing a Skirt?

Sitting positions can sometimes be a problem while wearing a skirt on a bike. The only option if you are a rider is to sit with legs on both sides of the bike.

While sitting behind the rider, you can sit with your legs tightly closed together slightly to the side, or you can opt for crossed knees.

By following these guidelines, you can easily reflect on your style. Riding a bike becomes easier than you imagine with these trips.

Whether commuting to work, to the movies or picnicking with friends, rest assured you can safely and stylishly ride a motorcycle with a skirt on.


Can you wear skirts on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can wear skirts on a motorcycle by keeping all the rules and guidelines in mind. If you haven’t worn any shorts or leggings underneath your skirt, it may result in blowing hot air into your legs.

Can you drive a bike in a dress?

You can drive a motorcycle with a dress on by tucking the dress or skirt under your legs or butt. Climb onto the seat and pull the extra fabric under your legs, securing it over the seat.

How to ride a bike with a skirt?

In terms of long skirts, tying a knot would help prevent the skirt from getting stuck into a wheel, while wearing leggings underneath short skirts is useful.

Is it legal to wear skirts on a motorcycle?

As such, there are no laws prohibiting you from wearing skirts on a motorcycle, but it is advisable not to do so. Wearing skirts makes your legs more susceptible to accidents and even burns from the engine.


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