We know how fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a motorcycle feels to motorsports fans. Are you stuck between sport and supersport?

Maybe you are thinking about getting one and making it your daily ride. Unfortunately, some riders settle down for a bike they can not handle, resulting in deadly crashes.

Nevertheless, you should always buy a bike considering its limitations and advantages as a careful rider.

Let’s dive into the details to solve the mystery of sport vs. supersport. Continue till the end to find out which ones suit you best.

What Is a Sport Bike?

Sportbike is a fully-faired motorcycle that is grand and light weight with rearsets designed for handling.

This bike is quick and comes in potential speeds and various engine sizes.

Compared with other motorcycles, the sport bikes are optimized for braking, acceleration, and cornering on paved roads at the expense of fuel economy and comfort.

These lightweight bikes are sometimes called small, entry-level, or beginner bikes. They give engine displacements of up to about 500 CC.

Lightweight sportbikes are comfortable for a fun ride around the street or a quick errand.

Anything from Ninja 250, KTM RC 125 to Bajaj Pulsar RS 200, and Suzuki Gixxer SF qualify for sportbikes.

Which Sportbike Is the Best?

There are many super amazing sportbikes out there. However, we have rounded up a list of top five:

  1. Yamaha YZF R15 V3
  2. TVS Apache RR 310
  3. Bajaj Pulsar NS200
  4. KTM RT 390
  5. Honda CBR250R.

What Defines a Supersport?

Well, there’s no formal definition of supersport; two-wheel motorized vehicles with engine sizes larger than 600 CC are usually considered supersport.

Supersport bikes race bike-like qualities but are often ridden on the road. They are one class of superbikes and are generally referred to for nothing other than speed.

These bikes are manufactured to be street legal. Supersport motorcycles are an uncomfortable ride due to their high ride speed, making them so dangerous.

But it’s the nature of supersport bikes to prioritize potential speed instead of comfort.

You might be curious why some sports riders subject themselves to torture instead of knowing the dangers of supersport.

So here’s the reason why most sports riders prefer them over lightweight sports bikes:

Supersport Looks Cool and Sounds Tremendous

Most young and inexperienced riders buy supersport bikes to project a certain image. The choice of the vehicle enables a motorcyclist to depict an extension of their character.

Multi-cylinder sport bikes like the Aprilia RSV4 and Yamaha YZF R6 sound like F1 cars, but on the highways and streets. Their exhaust notes will surely turn heads no matter where you go.

Apart from incredible sound, they have eye-catching features. Thanks to sharp bodywork and sleek lines covering all the mechanical components!

Nonetheless, the drop-dead gorgeous look of super sport bikes helps its fans show off what they have.

Consider These Things While Buying a Supersport

It would be best if you consider the following things before making a supersport your daily ride:

They Hate Going Slow

Machines like BMW S 1000 PR and MV Agusta F3 675 have claimed top speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour.

Supersport bikes are never safe to lug around heavy traffic because they like to hit crazy fast speeds.

Hence, you must keep this in mind before buying and riding a supersport on a public highway.

It’s an Uncomfortable Ride

Supersport bikes are very uncomfortable because they are designed to give outright performance rather than comfort.

There are high chances of flipping a bike when cornering as it keeps riders’ center of gravity high.

That said, it might be right to look elsewhere if you are looking for comfort on your daily ride.

Supersport Gets Too Hot

These bikes surpass the horsepower figures of sports cars. So it’s obvious that things can get pretty hot. The tremendous power results in unbearable levels of heat.

It’s compulsory to wear riding boots and pants. Otherwise, you will face intolerable levels of heat directly blown into your legs.

However, a rider must be equipped with radiator fans to keep heat away from the engine.

To sum up the above discussion, it would be best to stick to a lightweight bike with an engine size of 250 CC or smaller. Consider supersport bikes between 600 CC to 1000 CC only if necessary or you plan to race.


What is the difference between sport and supersport?

The only difference is the engine size and weight. Sportbikes are lightweight with less than 500 CC engines, whereas supersport have larger engines.

What is the difference between supersport and superbike?

Supersport is the class of sportbikes that qualifies for racing, whereas sportbikes are mid-sized bikes and are not mostly used for racing.

What is considered supersport?

Supersport are motorized vehicles with larger engines up to 600 cc. They have crazy fast speeds and are intended for racing.

Are supersport streets legal?

Yes, a supersport motorcycle is manufactured to be street legal. These racing bikes come in between 600 CC to 1000 CC engine displacements.


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