Life in a motorcycle club is both; bitter and sweet. Many local communities have founders of dominant and small motorcycle clubs that work passionately with different like-minded riders in fun events.

It’s amazing to be a part of one! However, being the founder isn’t as easy as you think. The first thing that’s needed to be concerned is: Is it even allowed to start a motorcycle club?

Let’s find it out in this article.

How Is It Difficult To Start a Motorcycle Club?

Founding a motorcycle club of your own is like building an empire and setting up a dynasty with people that help run it through thick and thin.

Along with maintaining infrastructure, it’s also about adding new members, fundraising, and making sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations.

You also get the responsibility of preventing deviations from the club’s ethical rules or moral obligations and conducting elections for the authorization of officials.

There are many motorcycle clubs but only a few can represent the heritage of the biking clubs.

With that thought in mind, let’s look into every possible aspect of how to start a motorcycle club, what are the legal requirements for starting a motorcycle club, or is it even allowed to start a motorcycle club without permission.

Do You Need Permission To Start Your New Motorcycle Club?

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, having a group of few motorcyclists living on the edge is a life-changing experience. Boys that have a similar interest, and are like-minded in their love and passion for motorcycles often form a few groups.

However, that is just for fun to share new experiences within their friend zone. And for that purpose, you don’t need to have any permission for a fun personal group.

Nevertheless, if you dream big and want to make your own brand new motorcycle club and get fame then beep…!

Stop right here because here we burst your bubble! Dreaming big always comes with big challenges and if the dream is to start a big motorcycle club, it’s not easy.

If you are serious about starting a motorcycle club then appealing to some dominant motorcycle club in your community can be the only way to pass on!

You can only start a club by taking permission from the pre-existing dominant clubs. It is not morally allowed to start a motorcycle club without their permission.

Giving strong grounds and logical reasons can work if they are too good for you.

If you have any luck, they might support you with your initiative or convince you to join their motorcycle club by popping your dream of owning a club!

Why Is This Permission Required?

The reality is so different from TV Series. The idea of a motorcycle club in “Sons of Anarchy” is just so unreal!

However, in real life, there is a big rock that comes between the road and that is the territorial element.

The majority of motorcycle clubs that have worked hard for years don’t allow other motorcycle clubs to share their good name. They want the options to be fewer so that the potential bikers won’t fall into the pool of between the same choices.

Apart from that, a bad name can spoil the entire local community for the biker’s club. So wanting too many motorcycle clubs in the same area is risky and puts a bad image.

Some groups often get into the crime of forging the materials and images of an original MC club which misled the people about the authenticity of the clubs they are signing up for.

Motorcycle Clubs Rules & Regulations

Once you have got permission from the authorities in charge, here comes off the most daunting part which is: forming the rules and regulations of a club.

Globally each motorcycle club has its own rules from standard to complicated. Among the famous and (infamous) MC clubs there is a certain caliber that requires getting acknowledged when deciding the rules specific for a local MC club. Here is list:

  1. First and foremost, the rules may stretch out from owning a motorbike to a mandatory license, the legal age, membership charges, presence of custom biker patches, and other privileges.
  2. Rules and regulations should direct the members of the bikers club about how decisions take place within the meetings. The basic information about the quota number and other mandatory information should be clear beforehand.
  3. Most important, the MC club’s rules are entirely the decision of the founder/co-founders. They can make the rules as they like. However, each member must abide by the rules and regulations if they want to become a member lastingly. Other than that, almost all MC clubs follow the Roberts rule for parliamentary procedure.
  4. Robert’s rule is the criteria for conducting fair and transparent elections and other parliamentary operations within the system. Before you get started with an MC club it is mandatory to become familiar with all the rules mentioned by the Roberts Rules of Order.
  5. Depending on how your club works and the specific nature determined, find out what works best to penalize members for the disrespect of the club. You should also make rules for the attendance and joining the meetings where big decisions can be made or revoked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I start an MC? 

Yes, you can but with the right amount of research.

How do I start my own riding club?

The best way is to learn about the MC clubs and contact and take notes from the other social MC clubs.

What does 13 mean in a motorcycle club?

The letter M is the 13th in alphabetical order stands for a motorcycle in the biker’s world.

What does RC stand for in a motorcycle club?

RC stands for Riding Clubs.


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