Do you work in an office where it is compulsory to show up in a tie & suit every morning? Does it get difficult for you to go on a bike wearing a suit and tie? Should you even wear a tie & suit on a bike?

Let’s find out in this article below.

A lot of people commute to work on a motorcycle, it’s a part of their daily routine. But if you work in a suit, this can be a problem because no one wants to end up in their office like an unmade bed.

It’s obvious that you want to arrive at work looking clean and professional but unfortunately, it can be difficult if you don’t have any facilities to change. So, what to do in that case?

Well, subscribing to a nearby gym and wearing protective clothing over your suit are the two best options you have. Read on to learn more about it!

Subscribing To A Nearby Gym

If there is a gym near your workplace, you must definitely consider subscribing there. It will bring a good change in your morning routine. Moreover, it will make you start your day a little earlier and fresh.

Changing At Gym: How Does Work

Once you are subscribed to a gym, you need to get yourself a backpack so you can easily carry your work attire. Next you can workout there so you can stay active for the day. Once done, take shower, get dressed, and get ready to rock at your office.

You can leave your motorcycle gear at the gym’s locker while you’re at work.

Wearing a Suit on Motorcycle

Let’s just quickly highlight the cons of wearing a tie and suit on a motorcycle without any protective clothing:

  • Weather conditions such as rain, or when the road is wet, you might be full of dirt or soaking wet when you arrive at your office.
  • The suit doesn’t provide the protection you need if you meet an accident.
  • Your suit can tear apart or get grease all over it.

If you want to avoid all these situations, let’s just discuss how to deal with things!

If there isn’t any gym near your workplace, you can ask the company to arrange a setup if possible. If that doesn’t happen, you can go then wear your gear over the suit while on the bike and remove it once you’re in the office.

What To Wear Over a Suit On A Motorcycle?

Let’s have a look at what you can wear over your suit that gives the protection you need on a motorcycle and keeps your suit neat and clean at the same time.

1.      Jackets

You can use any motorcycle jacket unless you need to arrive in style. A slim leather jacket is a good choice but you can decide according to your preferences.

Make sure that your jacket isn’t much larger than your suit; it needs to fit properly over your suit. In order to avoid wrinkles, you can put your blazer into your backpack. 

2.      Pants

Pants are something people are concerned about the most. Your pants can get dirty while riding your motorcycle, especially when it rained the day before and the roads are wet. Get yourself some good over-pants and just take them off when you arrive at work.

Put your wallet and keys in your suit pants before putting your over-pants on. You might forget to take them out if you put them in your over-pants pocket.

3.      Boots

Wear motorcycle low-boots that don’t take much space in your backpack. If you have high boots, roll up your suit’s pants neatly; so the boots don’t cause any wrinkles.

Prefer to wear long socks because your over-pants might not fit your legs into the boots.

Here are some quick questions that you might want to know!

Can You Wear a Suit on A Motorcycle?

Yes, you can wear a suit, but you have to protect yourself as well as your suit by dressing up protective gears over your suit on a motorcycle.

How Do You Carry a Suit on A Motorcycle?

The best way to carry a suit on a motorcycle is with a suit backpack. If you don’t have one you can simply put your suit in a disposable garment bag and roll it up with a rolling pin.


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