Harley-Davidson is one of the most famous companies that have produced several motorcycle models and types. Super Glide and Street Bob are also its models. Let us discover more about these bikes in the article below.

Super Glide

The Harley-Davidson Super Glide was a motorcycle manufactured by the Harley-Davidson company and is known to be the first factory custom motorcycle.

It is characterized by its much narrower front wheelbase which distinguishes it from other motorcycles. It gave birth to the FX series of bikes by Harley-Davidson.

Street Bob

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob was a motorcycle produced between 2006 and 2019. It was also a custom motorcycle.

To explain further, custom motorcycles are motorcycles with special changes to the main body produced by the factory, in order to give them a stylish and attractive look. S

treet Bob was manufactured as a throwback to bobber bikes which were very popular after World War II. These motorcycles were usually used to carry military equipment such as rifle mounts and ammunition boxes.


Now, we compare the specifications of both.

Super GlideStreet Bob
The front end is narrower.The front end is narrow but still it is wider than Super Glide.
It has an air-cooled v2 four-stroke engine. The compression ratio of an engine is 9:2:1It also has an air-cooled v2 four-stroke engine with a compression ratio 10:5:1The seat height is 26.30 inches.Seat height is 25.5 inches.
It had maximum torque of 127 Nm at 3250 rpm.Maximum torque of 145 Nm at 3000 rpm.
It has a multi-plate clutch with a diaphragm spring in an oil bath.It has a 10-plate wet clutch.
It delivers a maximum horsepower of 68.00 HP at 5500 rpm.Horsepower of 84.22 HP at 5020 rpm.
Top speed of 170 km/h.Maximum speed of 160 km/h.
Fuel tank capacity of 18.60 liters.Fuel capacity of 15.86 liters.
It has a 5-speed transmission.It has a 6-speed transmission.
Super glide has a chain drive for transmission.Street Bob has a belt drive for transmission.
Consumes fuel at a rate of 18.3 km/liter.18.2 km/liter fuel consumption.


1. What’s the difference between Street Bob and Super Glide?

The main difference is that one is a belt-drive, and the other is a chain drive. Other apparent features are also prominent, for example, super glide has good styling and polishing which makes it look more attractive.

2. What’s the difference between a Dyna and a Street Bob?

The street bob is a throwback to bobber motorcycles with a much more minimalist approach. It has a relatively tall handlebar. On the other hand, Dyna is much more powerful, and its seat is adjustable for both tall and short riders. Dyna also has laced wheels and plenty of chrome on its body.

3. Is a Super Glide a Dyna?

No, Super Glide is not a Dyna. A Dyna has a comfortable seat that is adjustable for all heights and is very good for touring. Contrarily, the Super Glide is very uncomfortable for people taller than six feet.

4. What’s the difference between a Street Bob and a Fat Bob?

Fat bobs are a little longer and taller than street bobs. Fat bob is a performance-oriented motorcycle whereas the Street Bob is special for its classic bobber look.


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