A helmet is unquestionably the most crucial piece of your gear to carry when riding your motorcycle on your favorite roads. Regardless of the laws, all motorcyclists should wear a helmet because the hazards are significantly more challenging.

Although a regular brain bucket will suffice, gone are when you had to settle for low-tech alternatives. High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets with diverse built-in technology, such as GPS, walkie-talkie communication, and even music streaming from your smartphone, are relatively common and easy to find these days.

Although finding one of these tech-friendly helmets has become relatively simple, but determining which ones are worth your money and standard have become much more difficult as many brands are prevalent in the market.

It is possible to get overwhelmed and confused due to all the available options. But we’ve got that covered; below is the compilation of some of the best High-Tech Motorcycle helmets to make your quest easy and ride pleasurable.

1.  Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

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This smart modular helmet is well-secured and offers full-face protection. It has a multi-density EPS lining, a lightweight DOT-rated shell, and 3-way ventilation, as well as an appealing style. The helmet is secured by an instant ratchet strap and the integrated drop-down sun visor, coupled with the face shield that guards your eyes against flying debris and the harsh impacts of the sunlight. A Jog Dial is a flexible and glove-friendly user interface that makes it easier for people to manage while riding.

Not only does the Outrush Modular Helmet looks amazing, but it also sounds great. A Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset is included with the helmet, engineered to amplify and provide crystal-clear audio. The advanced Noise Control technology is induced in the system, which automatically lowers external riding noise from intercom transmission, allowing clearer communication. HD Intercom is pre-installed, providing enhanced two-way intercom audio capability; great for two-up adventures.

When you pair your smartphone with the Outrush over Bluetooth, you can access your phone’s music collection and audio streaming apps. Set your favorite music and listen to it through the helmet’s built-in speakers. You can not only listen to the music but also hear GPS guidance and make phone calls.

2.  TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

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For those searching for simplicity in the finest smart motorbike helmets, TORC has an outstanding option. This Bluetooth helmet has a built-in speaker, microphone, and side buttons for operating your smartphone wirelessly. It also has ECE/DOT/CCC certification and comes in a range of pretty attractive designs. Several design enhancements set it apart from the competition. Two top vents, a more refined visor mechanism, and a more streamlined design distinguish this helmet. Consumers claim it to be comfy, which will come in useful on lengthy travels.

It includes an integrated spoiler that reduces wind buffering and increases speed stability. It also features a race-inspired design with enhanced air ventilation, a replaceable scratch-resistant, and fog-free shield, as well as a washable and detachable face shield. The Cool Max inside comfort cushioning and retractable drop down inside sun visor is activated with a simple switch.

The Bluetooth system is weatherproof and has a Lithium-ion battery with a power charger, which provides 6 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time. Stereo speakers and an anti-noise microphone are built-in. You can answer or reject calls, as well as redial, using a one-touch control.

3.  Caldera Modular Full-Face Flip-up Helmet

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The Caldera by Vega Helmets is a contemporary, feature-rich motorcycle helmet suitable for the road warrior inside you, with all the versatility of a modular helmet and a lot more. This newly designed Caldera helmet was developed to give you a more secure and pleasurable ride throughout the year. The Caldera is a value-packed, technology-loaded motorcycle helmet that excels during every journey and in all weather, thanks to its aggressive aerodynamic design and comfortable wick-dri lining.

With the Caldera’s significantly increased field of view that is 30% bigger and optically correct, multi-position transparent shield with sure seal contoured edges, you can see more of the world around you in HD quality. It comes with an innovative modular flip-up helmet system, a drop-down inner sun shield, a detachable comfort tech wick-dri lining, a fully vented waterproof design, a fast-release strap system, and pre-drilled EPS to accommodate most Bluetooth com systems.

It is safe and certified; it meets or exceeds US DOT standards FMVSS 218 and ECE R 22.05, and it is built with a high density channeled airflow EPS liner for optimal impact absorption; as a result,,, you can ride your bike with confidence. Moreover, Your Caldera modular full-face flip-up helmet is guaranteed by 5-year insurance and includes Vega accident replacement coverage.

4.  ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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ILM is one of the top motorcycle helmet manufacturers because they create what their consumers want: a helmet with maximum protection, ventilation, and durability. This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet by ILM is one of them. This helmet is constructed of a high-quality ABS shell. It has a dual visor, removable liners, and an air ventilation system to assure safety and comfort when riding on the road. It meets or exceeds DOT safety regulations.

 It features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which allows riders to call, accept, and decline incoming phone calls with a single touch and listen to music, FM radio, and GPS navigation audio. It allows riders to make conversations, listen to music, or give voice commands clearly, thanks to the built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphones. With the battery completely charged, the ILM Bluetooth helmet provides 12 hours of phone talk time, 8 hours of intercom talk time, and 110 hours of standby.  When the helmet Bluetooth system has not been utilized for a long period, the battery will go into sleep mode. On charging the battery for approximately half an hour, the Bluetooth functionality will be restored.

This helmet also has an intercom system that allows three riders to connect up and communicate with each other simultaneously at a distance of up to 500 meters.

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Technology is in swing these days, and your motorbike helmet should not be left behind. We have compiled a list of the greatest high-tech motorbike helmets in this article. All of these helmets are made by reputable and reliable companies and have incredible features.

We hope that your search has come to an end and that you have discovered the appropriate helmet to complement your bike’s style and functionality.


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