For bikers, the exhausts of their motorcycle are very crucial. For one, they blow away any harmful gaseous output that the bike is releasing. This prevents the rider from breathing in any toxic substance. The last thing that you would want to do while riding a bike.

Nowadays, exhausts come in various designs and systems, most also help to convert the harmful gas carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, making them environmentally friendly.

Suzuki Hayabusa is a sports bike that is critically acclaimed to be one of the fastest sports bikes in the world with its top speed ranging from 303-312 km/h. With great speed comes the responsibility to avoid accidents for yourself and your environment.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with our hand-picked selection of Hayabusa slip-on exhausts that not only look good but serve the purpose of safety and climatic friendliness. The picks we are going to provide you with have a long price range as well as an extensive variety.

So buckle up! Because here are our 5 picks for the best slip-on exhausts for Suzuki Hayabusa that will exhaust smoke out of the equation.

Radiant Cycle Story Slip-on Short Muffler for Suzuki Hayabusa

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This black piece from Radiant Cycle Story fits a range of Hayabusa GSX1300R models, from 2008 all the way to 2020. The item also does not require any form of extensive installation, you just have to remove your stock muffler and slip it on. Tighten the clamp and you are done!

Coming with a High-Quality Finish, the slip-on exhaust is powder-coated to provide a sleek black finish that fits well with the factory parts of the Hayabusa Motorcycle. The item is also made up with a completely welded design making the item durable and years of extended usage.

Moreover, Radiant Cycle Story also provides a 60-day warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product. The black muffler pipe is up for grabs on the official store of Radiant Cycle Story on Amazon for a stealing price of $109.99  

Hotbodies Racing Chrome HBR Dual Megaphone Slip-On Exhaust for Suzuki Hayabusa

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This HBR Dual Megaphone Slip-On Exhaust comes in a chromatic silver finish and fits a rather smaller range of Hayabusa models, ranging from 2008 to 2013. With a Stainless Steel design, the chrome output is polished to attain a silver finish.

The item has a sharp shape with no curvature and kind of looks like a party hat (hence the name megaphone), but this party hat slash megaphone serves the purpose of faster diffusion of gases. This design allows for faster and larger exhaustion of gas fumes allowing the bike to run more smoothly and efficiently.

This item is up for grabs on Amazon for a fair price of $269.02. Furthermore, the company, Hotbodies Racing, also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of an unsatisfied service or faulty product. 

Delkevic Slip-On Exhaust for Suzuki Hayabusa

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The slip-on Exhaust by Delkevic fits an extensive range of GSX-1300R Suzuki Hayabusa, ranging from 2008 till the year 2019. It requires specific installation but comes equipped with all the necessary items required to mount the muffler into the engine.

The 8-inch mini carbon fiber mufflers in this item are made from a carbon fiber sleeve that is pre-formed. The item also utilizes stainless steel of grade 304. Even though the mini 8 mufflers are shorter in size, they do have an aggressive sound.

The item does not require any sort of re-jetting or remapping after it has been fitted into a stock bike. However, the people at Delkevic do recommend that a dyno test should be performed after fitting.

These Delkevic mufflers are handcrafted and enhance your motorcycling experience. This item can be found on the official page of Delkevic on Amazon for a mildly expensive price of $356.39.

Voodoo Industries Black Dual Exhaust

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These black voodoo tattoo-ed dual exhausts by voodoo industries sport a CNC mandrel bent, making it perfect for streamline exhaustion. This item is master welded and is a custom design item with a Voodoo baffle which can be removed and rebuilt.

This pair of dual exhausts use stock head pipe making it easier to assemble as you just have to remove the catalytic converter or the stock muffler. To install this item, use the mounting bracket and the supplied camp.

The pair is designed and produced by VooDoo industries in the USA and can be purchased from their official store on Amazon for an expensive price of $702.34.

Dual Alien Head Slip-On System by Brock’s Performance

Buy Dual Alien Head Slip-On System Suzuki Hayabusa (03-07) SKU: 300668 at the price of US$  999 |

These 14-inch alien heads slip-on exhaust mount to the footpeg of the passenger seat and sports a 2-inch permanent output baffle. With a “show-polished” finish, the item comes with mufflers, elbows, and all the necessary equipment needed for installation.

Coming in a variety of colors, these slip-on mufflers from brock’s performance are great from first-time sports bike owners as it transforms a stock exhaust system into a stylish accessory with sounds that don’t rip apart your ears.

The company mentions them as ‘very affordable’ but ironically, they are the most expensive ones out of our picks. This pair is available on the official website of Brock’s Performance and can be bought at an expensive price of $999.00.

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Well, here are our choices and we hope you could find your perfect match. Whether it is a sleek finish but mundane shaped exhaust or a fancy megaphone or alien shaped one. Or maybe you are the kind of person who is into colors and customization, someone who owns whatever they cherish. Whichever it may be, we hope that you could at least leave this page with a mindset on what kind of seat you want to buy. Because whatever choice you make, we will be here cheering on you and your Hayabusa, ready to celebrate its newest addition of an excellent slip-on exhaust.


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