A camshaft functions as a timing mechanism, controlling the opening and closure of the intake and exhaust valves. It includes the valve overlap that happens at the top dead center on the exhaust stroke. The shaft is made up of several journals that float on bearings within the motor.

So to be precise, there are two reasons for which camshafts are an essential component of engine efficiency; first, they optimize the induction and exhaust cycles to increase airflow through the engine, and second, cams serve as the engine’s brain and personality by controlling the timing and length of the majority of significant events during engine operation.

Camshafts are the primary means of tuning the engine’s horsepower and torque curve to give it the appearance you crave, regardless of whether the engine is small or big in displacement. Choosing the right cam upgrade will help you produce the optimal output effects if you choose to maximize low-end torque to propel your Harley bike from a stop or high-end horsepower for increased top speed.

So are you in quest of the best Cam upgrade? We have almost solved your problem. We have compiled a list of the best cam upgrades for your Harley-Davidson to help you improve the engine’s power output.

1.  S&S Cycle Adjustable Pushrod Kit with Covers Compatible for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 99-17:

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The S&S cycle adjustable pushrod package with covers for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 99-17 is an excellent addition to the list. It fits on twin cam motors.  High-quality pushrods, caps, retainer pins, gaskets, and O-rings are all included with this kit.

This package contains everything you will need to upgrade your stock pushrods to adjustable pushrods. To ensure durability and dependability, the pushrods are made of rigid chrome-moly steel tubing.

The instructions that come along with the kit are relatively straightforward; however, you must be cautious and read them carefully the first couple of times to ensure a smooth installation.

2.  Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 1998-2016 RMS-284:

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This kit by TorqDrive allows you to add up to six additional friction disks to the clutch pack overstock, which gives you the ability to customize more disks in less volume.

More frictions imply more torque capability, allowing you to unleash your engine’s maximum potential without the need for stiffer pressure plate springs or a lock-up system. It has been proved at the highest stages of racing; it is not only better but innovative.

Thin friction disks and protective basket sleeves are included with this package. Thinner friction disks, developed after years of experimentation in professional racing, allow more disks to fit into the clutch, greatly improving efficiency and reliability. The options of tuning have been extended to optimize power transfer and reduce clutch lever pull effort. Acceleration, drive, and stability are all enhanced for Harley riders due to this kit.

Clean disengagement at the lever, better modulation, and improved clutch power are the results you will get to see in your bike after installing this kit. It has a steel core that stretches less than half as much as aluminum when heated; as a result of this, clutch fade is practically removed, making it the best cam upgrade.

3.  S&S Gear Drive 475 Cams for Harley Davidson 1999-2006 Twin Cam models:

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This is yet another excellent addition to the list. A few of the significant features of this cam upgrade are as follows. The S&S Camshaft Gear Drive Kit improves valve timing performance in Twin Cam 88 engines from 1999 to 2006 y replacing timing chain lash and the poorly fitted stock cam gears perfectly, and proves to be the best cam upgrade.

The stock cam drive sprockets and chain are replaced with light press fit S&S gears to do this. Since the rope, chain guides, and tensioner have been removed, and there is no longer any risk of these pieces failing and causing harm to other components.

The S&S Camshaft Gear Drive Kit overturns the direction of rotation of the rear cam, allowing for more working clearance between the cam lobes; consequently, the gear drive kit allows for higher cam lifts.

4.  Feuling 525 Twin Cam Chain-Driven Cams for Twin Cam 1001:

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This fantastic bolt-in camshaft upgrade for stock engines is specially designed to widen the torque band and improve fuel economy. This camshaft upgrade is designed for stock 88″ and 96″ cylinders, but it also works well in 103″ strokers and is also easy to go with increased compression and cylinder head work. The most significant aspects of this cam upgrade kit are as follows.

It has a linear horsepower and torque curve and can be used with factory valve springs, pushrods, and lifters to generate powerful low- and mid-range strength. The rpm power ranges from 1750 to 5500. However, it produces more power and torque in the riding RPM range, improving throttle response, acceleration, and fuel mileage.

The smooth camshaft lobe ramps are gentler on valve-train components and reduce valve-train noise and wear. Most significantly, it has been Dyno-proven and tested.

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5.  Andrews 57H Chain Drive Cam Set for Harley Davidson 2006 Dyna, 2007-13 Big Twin:

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For its outstanding features, the Andrews 57H chain drive cam package for Harley Davidson is another excellent choice. Cams, one roller bearing, and one ball bearing are included in these camshaft kits. Ball bearings, on the other hand, were only used in versions from 1999 to 2006.

This camshaft upgrade is made specifically for engines ranging from 103 to 110 in. This splined chain drive camshaft is optimized for use with stock Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters and can be installed on both carbureted and fuel-injected versions. It has a relatively low bolt-in RPM power.

The excellent way to increase power and torque of your vehicle is to upgrade the camshaft of your vehicle. After improving the exhaust and cold air intake, it is usually the next step. We have assembled a list of some of the most reliable and consistent and camshaft enhancement kits for your Harley that will make your ride effortless and smoother.


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