Radios have been one of the most sought-after modes of entertainment due to their availability and a general thrill that it adds to life experiences. Touring bike riders travel for miles at a stretch and may love to play their favorite tunes to make journeys more fun.

If someone decides to buy a Harley Davidson, it is an investment for a lifetime, and it is only right that they enhance their biking experience with an amazing radio set from our list of Top 7 Radios for Harley Davidson that is as per the values of freedom and adventure that they promote.

Though radios are not conventional to bikes as a bike rider already has a lot of external factors affecting their listening abilities, the high-end models are made as such that the added fairing will protect the bike from road wind and maximizing the audio experience.

Selecting an appropriate radio for your motorcycle can be a tiresome task, especially for people with very little technical knowledge. The quality of frequency coverage, the size of the device, the aesthetic, and resistance to weather conditions are some of the aspects that one should cater to while opting for a radio.

The days of enjoying a cruise in a car listening to your favorite music are in the past. Cruising through mountains with air flowing through your hair feeling the fresh air is the new Jam. What of music, you say? Follow along and you will find your answer.

If you bought Street Glide Standard, Street Glide Special, Ultra Glide Standard, Road Glide Standard, Road Glide Special, Road Glide Ultra, Ultra Limit Standard, Ultra Limit Low, Tri-Glide Standard, Tri-Glide Special, All CVO Models Harleys you would have radio systems preinstalled. Even if you bought one with no pr-installed system, do not worry! We have compiled the Top 7 Radios for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

1.   Boom! Box GTS Radio Kit

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The company recommended; Harley-built Boom Box is one of the best radios/stereo systems in the market. Providing a functional alternative to mobile devices along with durability and features to enhance the riding experience.

Coming with a 6.5-inch GTS touchscreen, this radio kit sports a flatscreen in comparison to its older counterpart with mechanical buttons and a bezel. This conserves space on the screen and provides more space for display.

Moreover, the touchscreen works with gloves too allowing the user to switch between options without exposing their hands to the cold weather in winter. This device also provides extremely low reflectivity and minimal sun washout, allowing the screen to be visible to the user regardless of the surrounding light.

The radio kit possesses a very efficient has lightning speed processor which allows for a quick startup as soon as the motorcycle starts and an accurate navigation system that efficiently calculates routes.

The device also has more memory than its competing Boom! Infotainment Systems and the GTS system can be managed with the buttons and commands provided on your motorcycle’s hand controls.

2.   Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT Bluetooth Waterproof Marine Stereo

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MP5 and MP5+ are one of the lead radio/stereo products by Aquatic AV. The AQ-MP-5BT works along with the existing factory handlebar controls. With its minimalistic design, Aquatic AV claims MP5 to be the best-selling aftermarket Harley radio in the market.

The Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT Stereo is equipped with a 3-inch color LCD along with services like Bluetooth and an MP3 player. The device also provides a USB port that can be used for both USBs as well as AUX cables.

The radio provides its users with both choices of frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM) for broadcasting. Moreover, this device already comes with SiriusXM Satellite Radio which keeps the user from the hassle of finding a radio station from the scratch.

The device is well equipped with anti-UV mechanisms and is waterproof. The radio also works well against foggy weather.

3.   JVC KD-X260BT

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Being the most popular in-demand stereo system for its price value the KD-X260 provides you with all the basic needs of a radio/stereo. With K2 waveform restoration and Volume Link Eq, this stereo gets the job done without draining your pocket.

Coming in a sleek design with various command options, this device can be a rider’s friend due to its affordability. The device also provides a Bluetooth service of ARVCP1.5 along with a JVC streaming DJ which allows for up to 5 Bluetooth devices to be connected to the radio.

This device also provides broadcasting choices of both amplitude and frequency modulation (AM and FM). Along with a K2 waveform restoration that does not temper the sound and restore it to its original sound, the stereo system is also equipped with a Volume Link Equalizer.

4.   Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813

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Only behind the Harley Boom Box, this new radio device by Rockford Fosgate called the PMX-HD9813 ensures an unparalleled performance in sound quality. This high-quality performance is due to the pre-amp outputs of 4 volts that also minimizes the amplifier clipping.

The second major service this device provides is an installation by OEM electrical systems. These systems do not require any form of extra wiring that needs to be installed and it also does not require any changes in the existing wiring of the motorcycle.

Coming with an A2DP and AVRCP wireless Bluetooth used for streaming, this device retains its factory handle-bar audio controls. Additional internet service of pandora radio control is also installed in the device.

The device also has a pre-installed service from SiriusXM satellite radio which will require an SXV300 tuner by SiriusXM. This device also provides modulation options for both amplitude and frequency.

The device is also equipped with a 1.5A charging port for any USB device to be connected. Sporting a full 3-inch color display with a thin-film-transistor, this radio device provides 2 modes for Day and Night-time.

Along with a 7 band graphic EQ and PEQ, the device also has a voltage gauge which gives the user a low voltage warning. The device has an independent level control and provides a range of regions for radio frequencies.

5.   Jensen HD1BT

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Another radio device that suits the design and caliber of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is the HD1BT media receiver from Jensen. The device has no brackets and does not require any additional or specific mounting kits.

This digital media receiver also does not require any splicing. Its plugging system requires a factory plug that directly connects to the rear end of the receiver. This allows the usage of handlebar controls along with an extremely pleasing audio performance.

The device comes with 3 tuners comprising of Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and a weather band tuner. This device, designed specifically while keeping Harley-Davidson motorcycles in mind, does not sport a CD port.

The device also comes with a built-in service for Bluetooth and a built-in amplifier along with a liquid crystal display that allows for fair image quality.

6.   Kenwood KMR- D772BT Marine Radio

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Kenwood KMR-D772BT radio makes the journey fun for touring bikers with its midrange radio features that cater to all the needs of a radio or a stereo device. The device not only has radio services, but it also sports a CD port for playing CDs.

The device also comes with a Bluetooth service that makes the connectivity of the device to other music devices unparalleled. With a microphone installed in the device, the radio allows for freehand calls.

The device has a USB port that allows the charging of your smartphone as you play your music. Since the device is also compatible with MP3 players and Ipods, it provides the extraordinary services of Spotify as well as pandora to its user.

In addition to all these features, KMR-D772 also comes with a theft deterrent faceplate which renders the device useless for the perpetrator in case of a robbery or theft. The device also caters to a diverse audience with its multi-language interface options.

7.   Jensen JHD910 Heavy Duty Mini

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Rather a unique choice in our choice of products, JHD910 from Jensen is characterized by a heavy build and is meant for heavy-duty use. The build of the device also makes it extremely water-resistant and blocks out dirt as well as grime.

These features make this device sustainable through any kind of harsh weather and will suit bikers who embark on long journeys through a variety of landscapes. The device is also extremely durable and is tested to be unparalleled in performance against humidity and temperature.

Additionally, the device has also passed the Load Dump Test as well as the RF performance test. Both of which contribute to the connection strength and high-quality performance of the radio device.

Jensen’s JHD910 is a stereo system that can play audio both from Bluetooth connections as well as through the aux cord connected through a USB port. The radio also has both AM and FM tuners that can have the previously saved presets from different stations programmed into them.

The NOAA weather band-aids the users with information of weather forecast to up to 7 days. Possessed with non-volatile memory storage, the device can save presets even if the power gets disconnected.

Well, those are our recommendations but what you want is something only you can answer. Leap inside our suggestions and find what exactly is your type! Are you the slow cruiser, cruising downtown listening to the latest pop hits? Perhaps you are the fast one, riding through the wind with music volume blasting the way clear. Whatever your style may be Harley is a perfect choice for you and choosing the best audio system that suits your style is a responsibility that comes with it.


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