As a bike rider, what do you think is the most important thing you should be conscious of? Very obvious: your bike’s performance.

Tuning a power commander in your bike is something that works magically and boosts up the overall bike’s performance by adjusting the correct amount of fuel/air ratio!

Whenever it comes to tuning a power commander, the most frequent questions that come to mind is:

How to tune a power commander? Is it possible to tune it without a dyno?

Well, yes. It is. But if you want efficiency, you need a dyno for power commander tuning.

Let’s clear more of your confusion regarding Dyno. Read on.

Do You Need to Dyno Tune a Power Commander?

Yes, you do need a dyno tuning for a power commander because that’s what it tunes. It controls how much fuel your engine needs and then pumps it accordingly.

However, if you want to try just a power commander with a downloaded map and block off plates, go for it.

If it works fine, leave it. Or else if you want the absolute best tuning, go for a dyno tune.

Can You Tune a Power Commander?

Yes, you can! A power commander is a simple device that allows hassle-free tuning.

You can easily operate a PC by simply holding down all the three buttons together on the face of the PC unit and then turning on your bike’s ignition.

Once the engine is idling normally, release all the buttons. Wait for approximately 20 seconds and then make adjustments!

Can You Dyno Tune with the Power Commander V?

Yes, you can. Either use a PC V or ECU; Power Commander V would be the least risky as it will not do changes in the ECU settings.

How Much HP Does a Power Commander Add?

A Power Commander is a running device used to adjust fuel. It doesn’t increase the horsepower itself.

However, if your bike has been modified to enhance the airflow through the motor, the PC will provide the accurate amount of fuel to those modifications. As a result, it will somehow increase the overall horsepower.


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