When you think of a motorcycle, what do you see?

Chances are it’s a cruiser, a standard bike most people picture when they think of motorcycles. But there is so much more to the world of motorbikes than just cruisers!

In this article, we have broken down five different types of motorcycles and explained some important information about each style.

Standard/Naked Bike:

Also known as ‘naked bikes’ or ‘streetfighters,’ these bikes have no body panels covering their engine. This is not the same as a scooter which has body panels for aerodynamic purposes. The lack of bodywork gives naked bikes a cleaner look without sacrificing protection from road debris in a minor accident. Like standard cars, they can be more affordable than other styles.

Standard cruisers

A cruiser is typically a relaxed-style motorcycle very similar to what you see in movies like Easy Rider. Cruisers often have large engines (over 700cc) and making them capable of cruising at high speeds. Some people modify their cruisers for speed or off-roading but stock models are not built with these purposes in mind; they are meant for riding around town comfortably. Standard cruisers are the most common type of motorcycles on the road today, for good reason. They’re comfortable enough to ride all day long and they look good too!

They generally sit low to the ground and give riders an easier time when it comes to maneuvering. A lot of cruisers also feature front fairings that are built into the frame.

Sport Bike

A sportbike is an on- or off-road motorcycle designed to go fast. The first sportbikes were built for racing on road courses but they have since expanded to larger markets. They are very lightweight and some models can reach speeds of 200 mph! Sportbikes come stock with large engine displacement (usually over 600cc) and weigh less than 400 pounds.

Even when they’re not traveling at high speeds, sport bikes are designed for performance. To make them lighter and more nimble they often feature strange shapes and designs that would never be allowed on other types of motorcycles (like no front fender). Sportbike riders wear special helmets and body protection in case of an accident; their bodies can take a beating if they go down.

Dual Sport

Dual-sport motorcycles are the best choice for off-road riding . They have engines with over 300cc displacement but most models weigh less than 500 pounds. That makes them very light and easy to maneuver!

It might seem strange to ride such a lightweight motorcycle on rough mountain trails but dual-sports are meant to handle all kinds of terrain. These bikes are also relatively affordable, though they still cost more than most standard or cruiser bikes.

Adventure Bike

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? If so, an adventure bike might be for you! Adventure bikes are very similar to dual-sports except they prioritize comfort over performance.

That means their engines aren’t as powerful and they don’t handle as well off-road. But adventure bikes come loaded with features like large windscreens and spacious seats that make them great for long rides.

They’re built to handle all types of weather as well as challenging terrain; if you want the freedom of a motorcycle but need something larger than a dual-sport then this is your best bet!


One type of motorcycle you won’t find on the road much is the scooter. These are small motorcycles that have body panels built into them to improve aerodynamics.

Scooters usually have an engine displacement below 150cc and weigh less than 400 pounds. They are only meant for short trips around town so don’t expect to do any long-distance cruising!

Because they are so light, scooters don’t offer a lot of protection in case of an accident which makes it important to wear protective gear when riding one.

Now you know the different types of motorcycles out there! Did this article help you to understand motorcycles better? If so – it’s time to go “test drive” one, right now!


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