There is nothing more fashionable than motorcycle race suits. Motorcycle race suits exhibit confidence when a racer roars the bike along racing tracks.

But race suits aren’t only for aesthetic purposes. They are supposed to protect the racers too.

But here is the million-dollar question; do you have to wear anything under the motorcycle race suit?

If yes, what should you wear under the stylish motorcycle race suits?

Here is What You Can Wear under a Motorcycle Race Suit

You cannot wear your casual jeggings and t-shirt under motorcycle race suits. It is important to dress up with appropriate clothes under a motorcycle suit.

Here are some things that you can wear under the motorcycle race suit.

1.    Moisture Wicking Clothes

Anything that is made out of moisture-wicking material is perfect for you.

2.    Polyester or Nylon Sports Bra

For women, the nylon sports bra is a must-have. These bras will keep you comfortable and sweat-free. Just make sure those bras don’t have hooks or underwires.

3.    The Protectors

Motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport. You need to protect your spine and back. The back and spine protectors will save you from every kind of injury.

4.    Under Suits

Companies now also manufacture unique undersuits for racing. These undersuits will fit you perfectly under your motorcycle race suits.

These under suits are a little bit pricey. But if you can afford it, go for them.

5.    Airbags

Airbags reduce the risk of injury during an accident. When worn under motorcycle race suits, these airbags will protect the rider.

Why is it Important to Wear Moisture Wicking Clothes?

Moisture-wicking material is one of the best inventions for the world. These clothes have a special job.

Usually, when you sweat, the moisture will stick to the surface of your body. This is very uncomfortable.

For motorcycle racers, sweat is the worst enemy. Especially under heavy leather suits. No racer wants to get distracted by sweat during racing.

This is why moisture-wicking clothes are useful. These clothes will remove sweat away from your skin.

Moisture-wicking shirts or pants won’t let the sweat stick to your skin. They will transfer the sweat to the outside of the clothes.

The material also dries quickly. Your clothes will not become wet or sticky due to excessive sweat absorption.

Tips on Wearing Perfect Clothes under Motorcycle Race Suits

Here are some tips for deciding what to wear under motorcycle race suits.

  • Comfort should be your priority. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Lightweight clothes are perfect to wear underneath race suits.
  • Don’t wear any accessories during racing. They can stab your skin in case of an accident.

Weather and Motorcycle Race Suits

The weather decides what you can wear under motorcycle race suits. Moisture-wicking clothes will work out best in the summer season.

But what can you wear in winter?

Thermal trousers and undershirts are perfect to wear in winter. Just make sure that your thermal shirt and leggings are skin-tight and comfortable.


What Do You Wear Under a Bike Suit?

You can wear spandex pants under a bike suit. In harsh weather, it is recommended that you wear a full thermal suit under the motorcycle race suits.

What should You wear under Motorcycle Leather?

Race suits are usually made from leather. Cowhide leather or Kangaroo leather is the most common form of leather used.

Motorcycle race suits are made from leather. It protects the racer from heavy winds. Some leathers also work to safeguard the rider from rain and accidents.

There are many things that you can wear under motorcycle leather. A Sweat-wicking shirt is a go-to choice for wearing under motorcycle leathers.

Long sleeve shirts work well under suits. Short sleeve shirts can often irritate the leather. Hence it is better to go for the full sleeve ones.

What is the Hump on the Back of Motorcycle Racing Suits?

You must have seen a hump on the back of motorcycle racing suits. They are not there for aesthetic purposes.

Air or wind plays a special role in motorcycle racing. The flow of air decides whether a racer will win or not, which is where the hump comes to play.

The hump is designed to provide a smoother airflow. It helps to reduce the air pressure and avoids drag.

Now sometimes a drink is added to the hump. The straw reaches the mouth of the racer from under the suit. It helps them stay fresh and hydrated.

Are you Supposed to Wear Pants under Motorcycle Pants?

Yes. You are supposed to wear pants under motorcycle pants.  These can be spandex pants or thermal ones.

A comfortable pair of old jeans can work well under suits, too. But skinny jeans are a big no under a motorcycle race suit. They are uncomfortable and can give you skin rashes. 


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