Motorcycle race suits are highly technical pieces of gear designed for one particular purpose: motorcycle racing. They have their special features and design components.

They are safe and beneficial. However, there are a few things that you should wear under your motorcycle suit. The inner suit will make the outer suit more comfortable and provide you with maximum protection.

Let’s find out what you should wear under motorcycle leather.

What do motorcycle racers wear under leathers?

Under leather motorcycle racers wear following things such as,

  • Airbag Vests
  • Spine Protectors
  • Undersuits
  • Glove liners
  • Ice packs
  • Thermal long johns
  • Thermal riding/racing socks
  • Moisture-wicking garments

Airbag Systems

Nowadays, every modern car comes equipped with some type of airbag system. However, there are no airbags installed in motorcycles that’s why racers wear their airbags inside their suits.

Spine Protectors

Motorcycle racers wear spine protectors for the prevention of a significant injury to the rider’s spinal cord or nervous system in a crash.

Sometimes, spine protectors are built into the race suit along with chest, shoulder, elbow, and knee armor. Even if they aren’t, riders still wear them.


Motorcycle riders wear well-fitting undersuits under their race suits. And it’s your choice if you want to wear t-shirts, hoodies, or any other type of street clothes. Undersuits usually work with the outer suit for wicking the moisture away from your body and keeping your body’s temperature comfortable and relaxed.

Glove Liners

It is important to wear a durable and thick pair of racing gloves with your suit. Wear glove liners underneath your gloves to avoid your hands from becoming hot and sweaty while riding. If it is hot outside, these will keep your hands cool and dry because of their moisture-wicking material.

Ice Packs

Motorcycle riders use ice packs so that if they still feel itchy and sweaty even after wearing undergarments that are made up of cooling materials, they consider putting ice packs under their suit or inside the inner pockets or lining of their suit.

Some ice packs have a stretchy elastic band so you can just strap them around your waist under your leathers which will help soothe sore muscles and joints.

Thermal Long Johns

During winters, motorcycle riders might want something a bit warmer and cozier than the typical nylon bodysuit to wear under their racing leathers.

Thermal underwear/long john is suitable for wearing under your suit especially when chilly outside.

Thermal Riding/Racing Socks

Thermal racing socks are breathable, moisture-wicking. This helps to prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty during the hot weather, yet they also help to keep your feet and legs warm in winters as they are thick and cozy enough.

They are especially ribbed designs that prevent them from bunching up around your legs and ankles to wear under a motorcycle suit.

Most racing socks are knee-length to give you maximum protection and coverage. Instead of wearing your usual socks under your gear, try to wear a pair of these specialized socks.

Moisture-wicking undergarments

Motorcycle racing suits are made of heavy, thick leather for the rider’s protection and well-insulation in case of an accident.

These suits are great for protection. And they can get hot depending on the weather and the length and intensity of your riding session.

On warmer days, you will notice pretty sweaty underneath the suit if you wear your regular clothes, especially cotton stuff.

So motorcyclists wear moisture-wicking undergarments to keep their entire body cool.

Although there’s a difference between the prices these moisture-wicking undergarments are higher in price as they also provide you the cooling.

Why do motorcycle riders wear leather?

Motorcycle gear is made up of different types of materials. However, mostly there are leather ones because of the following things,

  • It can survive a crash
  • It’s flexible and durable
  • It can survive a crash.

Is it illegal to not wear leathers on a motorcycle?

There are no legal requirements for motorbike riders to wear any other protective clothing, but it is highly recommended for safety purposes.

What do you wear under leathers on warmer days?

Instead of your skin taking the damage from sunburn and dehydration, riding in full gear is very important for the protection of your skin and body from sun-related damage.

A perforated leather jacket is also a great option to stay geared up. Moisture-wicking clothing is very favorable to keep the body cooled down.

Wearing light colors helps deflect far more heat than a black shirt ever will. Sun sleeves are a great option to keep their arms covered on the go.

Is it legal to wear shorts on a motorcycle?

There are no laws prohibiting you from wearing shorts, but it is advised not to wear these as your legs will be exposed to possible burns and heat from the engine.


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