At the first glance, motorcycles may look like a simple vehicles with the least amount of material and parts needed to assemble them.

But in reality, each and every part that is joined together holds the importance of a pivot in the normal and safe functioning of motorcycles. Just like other things, motorcycle end bars play an important role in the secure and guarded functioning of motorcycles. This article is here to enlighten you about its importance.

What Are Motorcycle Bar End Weights?

Motorcycle bar end weights are thick and heavy, rounded tubular rubber holders that are used to tightly cover the handles of the motorcycles. From a distant view, they look like the bodybuilding weight bars rising out of nowhere to balance the motorcycle handle.

What Are Motorcycle End Bars Made of?

Although these motorcycles’ handle weight bars are very useful, a large part in its functioning is played by the material they are made of.

The most popular used material is rubber because of its cushioning effect and flexible nature. It is one of the oldest materials used for damping purposes.

With recent advancements, rubber is being replaced by Teflon and silicone for making these handlebars. It is because of their stronger durability, better gripping qualities and resistance to erosion.

What are Bar Ends used for?

It may look like a small rubber handle but the number of roles it performs is appalling. These bars hold structural, functional, and protective functions. Each one is explained below.

1.   Vibration Control

These bars were even installed in the earliest models of motorcycles in old times. The foremost reason for the installation of these weight bars in motorcycles was to protect against vibration.

The vibration spreads throughout the framework of the motorcycle when the engine is started. This was extremely annoying for the rider while driving.

As it affects not only the driver’s driving ability but also the body of the rider. The addition of these was a turning point in motorcycle manufacturing.

They Act as shock absorbers and damping devices that absorb all the vibrations originating from within the engine and soften their effects. The main mechanism behind this is the lowering of the frequency of vibrations via absorption and scattering effects.

2.   Balancing

Motorcycle end bar weights work as a balancing tool in the bikes to equalize the weight on both sides, allowing an ideal and balanced ride.

These bars hold the center of gravity of the bike and prevent it from falling down while riding. Its pivot point balances all the forces to create stability.

These forces mostly include gravity effects, air resistance, weight, and many other laws of physics that we all don’t remember!

Other than that, the strong handles also act as a speed regulator. Many people who ride motorcycles are speed-loving fanatics, who enjoy riding at high speeds. For such kinds of people, handles act as a red sign.

When speed is too high, these handles start teetering and swaying as a warning to prevent any devastating fall. This swaying is actually a sign to lower the speed. Hence, playing a protective and functional role.

3.   Friction Providers

Gripping the handle is very important for safe driving. In long-distance traveling, one of the most frequently faced issues is sweat.

Holding the same spot for hours generates sweat production and causes slipping. If these handles were unprotected, the slipping was bound to happen that could lead to accidents.

Even the thought about this is scary, right? So, to prevent this, these handles were added.

Furthermore, the rubbery texture of these handles and patterned imprints produces increased grip and stability.

This also contributes to comfortable driving. It allows the holding of the handle in every way, preventing added pressure on wrists and eases the rider of unnecessary pain and injury.

4.   Safe Plunging

Despite all the precautionary measures, accidents are inevitable. Motorcycles are quite prone to them because of their unstable center of gravity.

Whenever motorcycles get hit, the falling pointing is always on the sides of the bike. The body and handles, which are made of steel, get dented and may harm the rider.

The use of rubber handles acts as absorbers. They not only dampen the falling forces but also reduce the strength of impact. Due to this, the framework of the motorcycle remains protected from every denting and breaking.

5.   Others

It may be clear from the above-mentioned points how important motorcycle handle end bars weights are. But there are also many minor functions.

These handles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and patterns. Riders mostly customize their own handles to create a trendy and stylish look for their bikes.

While in some conservative uses, these handles are also used as a support to hang bags and shopping hobos after long shopping trips.

The Bottom Line

Motorcycle bar end weights may look like small added accessories to your vehicle but in true sense forms the crux of balance.

Its importance lies in the mere fact that it is the counter actor of all the problems you face while riding it.

So, next time you feel like your motorcycle is not acting normal, maybe it’s time to recheck these end bar weights.


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