There is nothing more boring than tons of identical motorcycles on the road. Bikes are a stylish commute and often attract people.

But looking at the exact black honda for hours will diffuse your brain cells.

One way to spice up your bike is by painting it. Alter your bike with simple and intricate paint. From the tank to the frame, you can paint it all.

But you might wonder. What is the cost of painting a motorcycle?

We have written this guide for you to help you transform your motorcycle.

The Cost of Painting a Motorcycle

A motorcycle isn’t a cloth canvas where you can just pour paints. Painting a bike is a tough job. It requires time and effort.

Therefore, the cost of painting a motorcycle varies.

Here is how much it will cost you to paint your motorcycle.

1.    DIY Cost

If you decide to paint only the fuel tank, you can buy a can of spray paint from a store. Just remove the tank encasing and spray paint it with the new color. This procedure will only cost you 10-20 dollars.

Painting the bike by yourself is easy. But it can go wrong too. Don’t opt for DIY if you have no prior experience of painting.

2.    Cost of Professional Painting

If you want to paint your whole bike, hire a professional. The professional help will break the motorcycle into its parts and paint everything. It can cost you 300 to 1000 dollars.

Painting the entire bike requires skills and expertise. Hence, it is expensive.

If you have a limited-edition bike or a vintage one, it can even cost you a couple of thousands of dollars to get it painted.

3.    Custom Paint Jobs

Custom painting a bike is a little different. You can hire a professional to paint murals or other designs on the bike. This costs from 2000 dollars up to 30 000 dollars.

Tips for Painting Your Bike

Painting your bike by yourself can be cost-effective. But it is still a complicated process.

Here are some tips for you to make it easy.

●      Sand your Bike

Sand down your bike for a smooth and clean finish of the paint. Sand before you paint the surface. Remember to clean the space you have filed too.

●      Use a Primer

Always prime the bike before you paint. Primer makes sure that the paint stays on for an extended time.

●      Quality Paints

Use the best quality paint for your bike. Good spray paints work well. A shiny coat of paint makes all the difference.

You don’t want your paint to last for a couple of weeks. The pain should last for years. Hence, choosing a high-quality color is essential.

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Motorcycle?

If you want to DIY paint your bike, it will take you only a couple of days. Just get an open and airy space to paint your bike. The color will dry out in 24 hours.

Customs paint jobs or professional painting can take a week to a month. It is a time-consuming task to disassemble, paint and reassemble the bike.

How much does it Cost to Paint a Motorcycle Frame?

The cost of painting the motorcycle is 25 to 50 dollars if you do it yourself. A workshop can paint the frame for 200 to 300 dollars.

How much does it Cost to Paint a Motorcycle Tank?

The motorcycle tank is easy and cheap to paint. Using your skills to paint the tank will cost only the price of paint. However, getting painted from a pro will cost 100 to 500 dollars only.


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