What is the best type of motorcycle?

Is it the one with speed or the one with the best, sleek design?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is none of these.

The best type of bike has an excellent quality motorcycle seat. Riders spend most of their time on bike seats. It is the most crucial feature.

You will get rid of a fast and stylish motorcycle if the seat feels like a cactus on your butt.

The critical component of a bike seat that makes it comfortable is foam. A particular type of chemically composed foam makes the best quality seats for motorcycles.

To find out what foam they use in motorcycle seats, keep reading.

Here Is How to Choose the Motorcycle Seat

There are some features you must consider before choosing the motorcycle seat.

Motorcycle seat foam has to fulfill specific characteristics. Two features determine what kind of foam will be selected.

●      The Density of the Foam

The density of the foam is simply the weight of the foam. It is an essential factor for selecting a seat for a bike.

Density decides the longevity of the seat.  A heavily dense foam will retain the shape of the seat for an extended time.

●      Indentation Load Deflection

Indentation Load deflection is simply the firmness of the bike seat. It is the ability of the seat to survive against compression.

A seat that is easily compressed will not be reliable or long-living. Hence, the firmness of the bike makes sure that the bike comes to its original form after compression.

Kinds of Foam Used in Motorcycle Seats

Here are the kinds of foam used to make motorcycle seats.

1.    Open Cell Polyurethane

The bike seats with soft cushions are usually made up of open-cell polyurethane. This has a lot of tiny cells in a single framework. The free flow of air in the seat makes it soft.

Seats made with open-cell polyurethane are very flexible.

Most open cell seats have a density of 2 pounds. The indentation load is also up to 40 pounds.

2.    Closed Cell Polyurethane

The closed-cell polyurethane motorcycle seats are dense and firm. They are made of tightly adjoined cells that are closed as well.

When the foam is cured, the air becomes compressed inside of them. The compressed air makes the seat high in density and firmness.

The bikes with closed-cell polyurethane are often used for racing. The seats don’t allow the rider to slide off in the race.

3.    Custom Foam Seats

You can also customize the foam of the seat according to your preference. You can include memory foam and gel pads in the bike seat. It entirely depends on you.

What kind of foam do you use for motorcycle seats?

Mainly open-cell polyurethane or closed-cell polyurethane foam is used to make motorcycle seats and

There are pros and cons to both kinds of foams. Open-cell seats can deteriorate over time due to water absorption. The closed-cell seats are firm and durable, but they are not comfortable.

What Material Is Best for Motorcycle Seats?

The material of the seat is important. While purchasing a bike, it is one thing you must take into consideration.

Motorcycle seats made from gel are very comfortable. If you like to travel long-distance, you must consider a gel bike seat.

The foam seat bikes aren’t ideal for long distances. But they do a great job of providing comfort to the rider.

Most covers of motorcycle seats comprise leather. Leather seats can withstand sun exposure and are durable.

How Do You Shape Foam on a Motorcycle Seat?

Here is how you shape foam on a motorcycle seat.

  1. Remove the cover of the seat.
  2. Clean everything and make sure it’s dust-free.
  3. Take out the foam from the seat.
  4. Determine what you need to change; the height of the seat or the width. You will need to change the foam regarding that.
  5. Now mark the measurements on the form according to what you want to change.
  6. You can use a hacksaw blade to cut the foam according to the measurements.
  7. After the foam is in the shape you want, stop.
  8. Now, take the cover of the seat from earlier. Make changes to the cover according to new foam measurements.
  9. Sew everything back together and ta-da! Your work is done.

How Do You Re-Stuff a Motorcycle Seat?

The process of restuffing a motorcycle seat is like shaping the foam. But in this process, you have to get the new foam to stuff in the seat. 

After taking apart the seat, take new foam and stuff it into the seat. You have to measure and carve out the foam according to what you need.

Then, simply put the new seat inside the cover and staple the seat. Your bike seat will be good as new.


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