Motorcycle care does not finish with buying a good model and cleaning it up weekly with a piece of cloth.

Rather the true service starts from this point: to get your bike running smoothly and looking chic all the time, regular motorcycle service is very important.

How to do motorcycle service?

Service is basically the complete maintenance therapy of your bike and correction of any wear and tear that might have happened during its use. The best option is to do this regularly after a fixed interval of months.

If we look closely, motorcycle service is not a difficult task. It is the usual cleaning and checking of your bike, just in an exaggerated manner.

Even you yourself can do this at home if you have time. Some people who are extra fond of their bikes, tend to do this themselves.

However, others, who are not satisfied easily, tend to go to mechanics. Not just mechanics, the Best Mechanics they could find!

Motorcycle service is divided into stages for best results. They are interim, annual, major, and full. These are categorized according to the kilometers run and the months used.

These stages then provide ideal corrections to the important parts that need to be cleaned, maintained, or changed according to the time your motorcycle is used for.

What does complete motorcycle service include?

Motorcycle services vary from mechanic to mechanic and depend upon the facilities they provide. But the main goal of everyone is to make your ride safe for use.

These services start with the basics. Checking up the general conditions of your motorcycle, looking for worn-out parts and any teared up or rusted parts.

Every service starts with a simple road test to assess the general status of the motorcycle. Then according to that, they offer the maintenance plan to make your motorcycle tip top.

For every vital maintenance of your motorcycle, they will check your headlights, fused bulbs, clutches, spark plugs, bearings, tighten all the nuts and bolts, suspension, exhausts, change all the mobile oil and filters, and also replace the coolant, brake, or clutch fluid. Sometimes they also change the tires, fork oils, air filters, and carburetors.

These facilities also vary based on the category of service you are willing to go with, for your motorcycle. With interim services as the basic package and full services package as the gold standard.

What is the cost of a full tune up for your motorcycle?

The cost of a full tune-up depends on many factors like the model of your bike, type of services, and the mechanic itself.

If you have a branded motorcycle model that needs expertise, the cost is bound to be high. Also, these motorcycles demand high-quality oils for replacement which ultimately increases the service costs.

However, most motorcycle services are covered at $125 for all basic models and it can go as high as $750 for high model motorcycles and type of service used.

What is the time span between motorcycle services?

Ideally motorcycles should be serviced as frequently as possible but nobody properly follows this. So as a general principle, every six months, one should get their motorcycles serviced.

Some people even follow the meter readings. The standard recommended by mechanics is at 5000 miles usage but engine oil has a much shorter half-life and needs replacement. So, it is best to get it serviced every 2500 miles.

Servicing a motorcycle may seem like a task but if you want a smooth ride and steady speed this is a must. Also, it’s never too late to be precautious with anything.


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