Motorcycles have been recognized as one of the most commonly used vehicles around the world. Its low cost of maintenance has comforted its users immensely and has financially helped families around the globe.

When it comes to motorcycle use, quietness or silence while riding plays a significant role. Let’s find out more about the subject in this article below.

What makes a motorcycle quieter?

Engine configuration of bikes plays a major role in the reduction of noise during rides. Factors like small cylinder size and good valve timing provide the rider with the comfort of silent rides.

Moreover, squeaky suspensions or damaged manifolds of your bike might be a reason for more noisy experiences.

Users must ensure to have a bike that has its oil and engine in perfect order. It must have optimum tire pressures to manage smooth rides for the bikers.

It is important to understand the components of the bike which manage the extra noise while you ride.

Poor aerodynamics and unnecessary modifications with the model can also cause unreasonable sounds on the road.

Can motorcycles be silent?

Motorcycles can never be completely silent, when we refer to silence in motorcycles, we mean less noisy or less disturbing. Electric bikes have no particular engine but still, have enough noise to discomfort their rider.

However, bikes that are quieter than others have a belt drive and narrow tread tires to manage this issue.

Installation of cross pipes in dual exhaust system bikes can result in soundproof rides; they tend to do a great job of suppressing the unwanted noise by simply mixing the exhaust plus sound coming from the two systems.

Does Harley Davidson make a quiet motorcycle?

Harley Davidson rolls out of the factory with an exhaust that produces sound pressure of less than 80 db. These bikes are generally open for modification and so are comparatively louder than other bikes in the market.

The fresh models of Harley Davidson do make quiet motorcycles as they have water-cooled engines which minimize unnecessary sounds.

Harley Davidson bikes are modified to produce more sound by re-tuning the engine, or by swapping out baffles on certain models. These bikes are not renowned for their noiseless rides but are famous for their roaring exhausts.

How to make your motorcycle quitter?

We can replace the mufflers of the bike or can upgrade to better mufflers to make our bikes quitter. Mufflers are designed as a set of perforated tubes that reflect sound waves produced by the engine.

Mufflers can often be the only issue causing these sounds given that most motorcycles come with standard bullet mufflers which are reputable for being too noisy.

Bikers also invest in premium exhaust silencers and exhaust wraps once the bike starts to produce more sound. Good-quality exhaust wraps can cause fewer vibrations and this explains their ability to silence our bike’s exhaust systems.

These exhaust wraps are manufactured with durable materials such as titanium which helps in holding up well to the high temperatures on exhaust systems.

What are the most silent bikes in the market?

Bikes in the market which are recognized for less sound are, “BMW K 1600 B, BMW S 1000 XR, Honda Gold Wing, Honda CTX700 DC.

In addition to these models, the Kawasaki KLX140 and Suzuki DRZ 2 50 are also famous for their smooth experiences.

These premium models not only ensure a quality experience but also enable the riders to have peaceful rides.

How important are quieter bikes?

It is important to understand that louder bikes contribute to sound pollution, and may cause hearing disabilities and other health-related problems.

According to the “Center of Noise Prevention,” it only takes an hour of exposure to 90 decibels of sound to permanently hurt hearing. This tells how significant it is to have quieter and smooth bikes.


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