Riding a motorcycle is fun and an exciting experience, yet dangerous too.

There are a lot of things that you can do to minimize any risk to keep yourself and others safe when you’re on the road and when you’re parking your motorcycle. One of the most important features to use on your motorcycle is your kickstand.

What is a kickstand pad for?

A kickstand pad Keeps your bike more stable which allows the stand to slide out to its accurate position, becoming an incredible tool for parking your bike on hot asphalt, soft or unstable ground, or even grass.

It’s very risky if you don’t use a plate your bike can fall over. The kickstand on some motorcycles has a small base which will make a small divot in the pavement under the kickstand while leaving parking lots.

What to put under a motorcycle kickstand?

There are a few things that you can put under your kickstand such as;

  • A motorcycle kickstand pad.
  • A jar’s lid.
  • A round or square metal plate.
  • A metal strips.
  • An electrical junction box cover
  • A piece of plywood or A small block of wood
  • A flat rock.
  • A flattened soft drink can.
  • A hockey puck.

These objects can be kept under the tank bag, rear seat, or in the saddlebag.

How do you use a kickstart on a motorcycle?

A kickstand assists support a motorcycle when it’s parked so it doesn’t turn over. These kickstands enable you to get on and off your motorcycle safely while it’s stabilized.

Most motorcycles have kickstands that are fixed from the side of the bike, some motorcycles have center kickstands and some bikes are even equipped with both types. These are some of the tips to use a kickstart on a motorcycle;

Before pushing down the kickstand

Trying to engage your kickstand before you have come to a complete stop may cause scraping while you’re on your bike.

Once you’ve stopped completely, make sure that your bike is stable and entirely supported by the kickstand before coming down.

Position the wheel

Whenever you use the kickstand, you have to position your wheel so that it keeps your motorcycle stable and prevents it from moving out of position. You must turn the front wheel towards the curb before you let go of the hand brake.

Be careful on steep or uneven roads

Depending on where you’re parking your bike, you might have to contend with an uneven parking surface. You should make sure that your bike is positioned in a way that it isn’t standing too upright or leaning too heavily.

Practice using the kickstand on a new bike

If you buy a new motorcycle or you’re renting a bike, you should try to practice using the kickstand a few times before you hit the road. Practicing is a significant factor of motorcycle safety that will help you stay safe. It will also keep your bike in position properly.

Can you sit on a motorcycle with the kickstand down?

Yes, you can sit on a motorcycle with a kickstand down but only without breaking it. If the kickstand hasn’t experienced any damage before and it’s in good condition, it will not break even if you’re sitting on a motorcycle.

Should I put a kickstand on my gravel bike?

Gravel/road bikes don’t have a spot for a kickstand. Kickstands aren’t on road and gravel bikes as they make them heavier. It also increases the chances of your bike snagging so you shouldn’t put a kickstand on a gravel bike.

How to prevent a motorcycle kickstand from sinking into the hot asphalt?

Even though you cannot do anything about the hot weather and the weight of the motorcycle but you can take the following precautions;

  • Increase the kickstand’s surface area
  • Try not to park your motorcycle on hot asphalt
  • Use the kickstand parking strips

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