Riding a motorcycle is no doubt a fun experience but ignoring the safety measures makes it inherently dangerous.

As predicted by NHTSA data, bikes are 33 times more dangerous than cars. Keeping this in view, you should always consider wearing a helmet and proper gear before riding them. Such a precaution can not only improve your riding experience but protect you from injuries too.

Some people wear helmets but they don’t bother wearing an undergarment called a balaclava. Either because they don’t have exposure to this accessory or they simply ignore it.

To have a complete understanding of these undergarments, you’ve just come to the right place. This guide will explain what a balaclava is and why it is important to wear under your helmet. So, let’s get started.


Well, some of you might be hearing this term for the first time, but experienced bikers already have an idea about what it is.

Precisely, a balaclava is a fitted piece of garment that covers your entire head and neck area. It discloses some parts of the face like the eyes, nose, or mouth. Since it comes in different styles, you can choose one accordingly.

In different regions, people call it with different names like a helmet, bally (in the UK), and some USA riders even call it a ‘ski mask.’

Types of Balaclavas

Balaclava is a fashionable accessory that can make you look classy while riding a bike. Among several options, some of the styles that you can consider include:

  • Solid Front Balaclava – as indicated by the name, this type is famous for its rigid frontal part that covers up your mouth and nose properly.
  • Convertible Balaclava – is the most flexible option for sports lovers. It comes with an adjustable attachment. You can pull it up and down as per your preference.
  • Neck warmer Balaclava – if you only want to cover your head and neck area, you can choose a neck warmer balaclava. In winters, it can keep you warm which makes it the best option.
  • Hoodless Balaclava – in windy season, a hoodless balaclava can cover up your head tightly. For this type, you should always get a thin fabric because they are easy to adjust under a helmet.

Apart from these, there are several other options of balaclavas that you can search on Google. Each differs based on its manufacturing. Now, let’s figure out its importance!

Reason to Wear

Though it’s not a compulsion to wear a balaclava under a helmet, it is highly recommended. Before moving on further, let us tell you that you should wear your own balaclava to maintain hygiene. It can get sweaty and therefore, should not be exchanged.

Anyways, here are some reasons that explain why you should wear a balaclava under a helmet:

1.     Lifetime Use

Helmets are usually manufactured with attached padding that keeps the inside surface soft. But after a few days of usage, it gets dirty because of your sweat and breath.

And since the padding is not removable, there’s no way to get rid of it. However, wearing a balaclava is different. You can easily wash it with all other clothes and it is all clean for your next ride!

2.     Keeps Your Hair Tied

Tying your hair is one of the essential things you should do before riding. It is because whatever hairstyle you’ll choose, your hair will always swirl back in the wrong direction.

At this point, a balaclava can be of good help. By wearing it, you can just tuck your hair inside and freely enjoy your ride.

3.     Covers your skin properly

This is the main purpose for which many people wear balaclavas. It can cover up your skin by sticking to your head and neck. And also protects your face from suntan and dust.

More importantly, it can keep you warm during winters. And in case of accidents, this safety measure will save you from severe injuries. The more your skin is covered, the fewer the bruises will be.


What do bikers wear under their helmet?

Bikers wear balaclavas and bandanas under their helmet while riding. Wearing these can protect their hair, scalp, and keep their head warm.

Further, they can also save their eyes from dust or bugs. A plus point is that it can also glorify their personality.

How should you wear your hair under a motorcycle helmet?

While motorcycling, tying your hair properly can save you from various casualties.

For long hair, braids, buns, or ponytails are the preferred hairstyles. Other than this, you can also tuck them inside a bandana or balaclava.

Should I wear a balaclava under my motorcycle helmet?

Yes, wearing a balaclava under the helmet should be a must thing. It is because they are convenient to use and protect the face and neck thoroughly.

How do you protect your hair under a helmet?

Under a helmet, you can protect your hair through the following tips:

  • By keeping them clean
  • Getting a suitable haircut that doesn’t cause discomfort for you while riding
  • Cleaning your helmet regularly to avoid germs
  • By wearing a balaclava or bandana under the helmet
  • By tying them in the right way
Can you wear a hat under a helmet?

Preferably not! Helmets are meant to fit in with your skull and nothing should come in between your head and helmet. Wearing a hat can push your head higher, exposing it to injuries and falls.


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