When choosing the right suit for your motorcycle ride, it’s important to consider your safety and comfort first. Because only that makes your ride fantastic!

Usually, riders prefer wearing a leather jacket and pants that are tightly worn across the body. But these preferences can vary from person to person. And most importantly, the weather conditions.

Most riders are sure about what they’ll wear as their upper bodysuit but they get confused about the innerwear. If you want some tips and guidelines about what goes best under a motorcycle jacket, you’re just at the right place.

So, let’s figure out the inner-wear that can best match your style!

What to consider before choosing your motorcycle clothing?

The most important thing for which a rider strives is comfort. Whatever your base layer is going to be, choose it while keeping weather conditions in mind.

In summers, you should only wear thin inner-wear so you can avoid sweaty outfits. And in winters, you should dress up warmly to keep the ride smooth and safe.

Conclusively, your motorcycle suit should help in regulating your body temperature efficiently. Further, it should not impair your movements while riding.

Now let’s see which option goes best to wear under a motorcycle jacket in different weather conditions!

Hot summer

Sweat is the main element that plays both negative and positive roles. For example, in winters, it can help in maintaining your body temperature but in summers, it becomes a big problem for riders.

Therefore, you should prefer wearing something lightweight that can help in wicking away sweat from your body. Like, you can wear a t-shirt with short sleeves that can keep you both comfortable and sweat-free.

But what about sun-tan? Well, in that case, you should wear long sleeves that can prevent your skin from dust particles and any harmful material that can irritate.

Cold Weather

When riding in cold weather, you should properly cover yourself. A jacket won’t be enough. Therefore, wearing a nice thermal base layer is essential for your body.

Using merino wool as the material of your base layer will be the best decision you can make. Always wear clothing that is of good quality. Polyester shirts that are specifically made for skiing etc. are also comfortable to wear in cold conditions.

Shirts with long sleeves and matching pants are good to go under your leather jacket. Use tight-fitting clothes rather than loose ones because that can keep your body warm. Further, a turtle neck shirt will also help in preventing the wind from blowing around your neck.


What do you wear inside a motorcycle jacket?

Inside a motorcycle jacket, you should always wear a base layer. It can be any synthetic fiber that you can wear underneath your pants and jacket.

You can wear any long or short sleeve shirt that can keep your body in shape. Because that is what gives you the rider feels!

What do you wear under a motorcycle leather jacket?

Under a motorcycle leather jacket, if it is winter season, wear shirts made of high-quality material. Any innerwear that is comfortable and maintains your natural body temperature is best.

Polyester shirts are quite useful when avoiding cold conditions. So you can wear them without looking for any second option.

Can you wear normal clothes under your motorcycle suit?

Well, this decision is completely up to you!

Although wearing full gear is suggested because it can keep you safe. A full gear usually consists of a helmet, jacket, boots, pants, and gloves.

As for normal clothes, you can wear them as long as you’re not on a long ride. But for long-distance rides, a whole base layer should be worn under a motorcycle suit.


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